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Program Overview

Top Reasons to Major in Management:

  • The Denver Post reported individuals with a degree in Business Administration/Management and Operations Management earn the highest salaries in Colorado.
  • In the next 8 years the number of Administrative Service Manager jobs will increase by 15%; Human Resource Manager jobs will increase by 13%; Industrial Production Manager jobs will increase by 9%; Training & Development Managers will increase by 15%; and Top Executive jobs will increase by 5%.
  • Median pay is about $81,000 for Administrative Service Managers, $89,000 for Industrial Production Managers, $99,000 for Human Resource Managers, $89,170 for Training and Development Managers, and $165,080 for Top Executives.
  • Gain an understanding of the strongest force for change in the world today - globalization.
  • Learn to manage the total enterprise while honing your interpersonal, critical thinking, analytical, conceptual, and communicative skills.
  • Learn to achieve results by leading others.
  • Learn the challenges facing large and small institutions and identify the options available to meet these challenges.
  • Understand the incredible role that entrepreneurial activity plays in the United States (approximately 80% of US businesses are small companies) and perhaps discover your own entrepreneurial tendencies.
  • Learn that nearly all of us will have the opportunity to enter management positions. Management majors and minors will have the advantage in obtaining these positions.
  • "Everyone has peak performance potential --- you just need to know where they are coming from and meet them there." --- Anonymous

What do Students Have to Say About the Management Degree?

"I understand and can implement change-management techniques, I have a solid technical base, I understand corporate hierarchy and organizational structure, I'm able to assess the culture in our corporate and regional offices and I'm able to communicate effectively and professionally to our clients.  I could go on and on, but the point is:  I loved my experience at MSU Denver, and if I could do it again, I would do it the same." -- Amy Nelson (BS in Management 2014).

"My education at MSU Denver was based on real-world experience lived by the professionals who taught my classes, not untested theories found in textbooks.  I was working full time while finishing my degree, so the combination of relevant course work and a class schedule that accommodated the career I was building was crucial to my success.  MSU Denver gave me a solid foundation of skills and real-world knowledge that accelerated my career.  I began working as business manager at Greystone Technology Group upon my enrollment at MSU Denver in 2006.  By 2014, I was promoted to vice president of business operations.  I can't imagine having achieved so much in such a short amount of time had it not been for the opportunities and experiences MSU Denver allowed me." --Byron Williams (BS in Management 2008).

What do Business Managers Have to Say About the Management Degree?

"I am so grateful to have been part of MSU Denver's business consulting program.  This was an amazing learning experience for everyone involved.  I took the advice and implemented it into my business with outstanding results.  I would recommend this program to any business owners at any level".--Teri Karjala, Creative Counseling Center.

Necessary skills the manager should have include:

  • proficiency in planning, organizing, leading and controlling activities
  • utilization of problem solving methodology to identify and define organizational problems, devise solutions and implement the solution to achieve desired outcomes
  • highly developed interpersonal skills
  • an ability to communicate clearly and persuasively
  • use of sound methods for making decisions
  • innovative thinking, self-reliance, creative independent analysis and sensitivity to social and ethical values




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