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Individualized Studies: Human Resource Management, B.S.

For more information about this degree please contact:


Debbie Gilliard - Chair, Management Department

IDP Contact:

Kim VanHooiser-Carey - Director, Center for Individualized Learning



All students must complete the standard General Studies requirements for their catalog year. Please indicate below any general studies courses which, if taken/transferred as part of general studies, will meet prerequisites for courses in the incubator. Also include any courses which are highly recommended and likely to become required in an eventual curriculum proposal. If no preference exists, a generic statement can be added (“General Studies as required by the university”).

Course prefix/number/title:                                                                                                       Credit hours:

Composition/Written Communication (GT-CO, 6 credits required of all students):

  • ENG 1010 and 1020 Freshman Composition I & II                               
  • MTH 1310 Finite Math for Management & Social Science

Math/Quantitative Literacy (GT-MA, 3 credits required of all students):             

NOTE:  MTH 1110 or MTH 1400 is acceptable for transfer students or students changing their major

Oral Communications (3 credits required of all students):

  • COMM 1010 Presentational Speaker OR
  • COMM 1100 Fundamental of Oral Communication 

Historical (GT-HI, 3 credits required of all students):

  • any
  • any

Arts & Letters/Humanities (GT-AH, 6 credits required of all students): 

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credit hours required of all students):

  • ECO 2010 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO 2020 Principles of Microeconomics 

Natural & Physical Sciences (GT-SC, 6 credits required of all students):

  • any

Global Diversity (3 credits required for post-2012 students only. Can be listed above.)

  • BUS 3040 - Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Credits: 3
  • MTH 1320 - Calculus for the Management and Social Sciences Credits: 3

Total of required credits for General Studies (please list total)                                    34-37


Degree/Graduation Requirements:

Multicultural Course: (3 credits required of all students –please list here any courses that fit well as part of the incubator, if any.) 

College of Business Requirements (6 credits, see catalog for pre-requisites)

College of Business Core Requirements (36 credits, see catalog for pre-requisites)

  • BUS 1850 - Introduction to Business Credits: 3 *
  • ACC 2010 - Principles of Accounting I Credits: 3
  • ACC 2020 - Principles of Accounting II Credits: 3
  • BUS 1950 - Business Communication Credits: 3
  • CIS 2010 - Foundations of Information Systems Credits: 3
  • CIS 3300 - Business Analytics I (Descriptive and Predictive) Credits: 3
  • CIS 3320 - Business Analytics II (Prescriptive) Credits: 3
  • FIN 3300 - Managerial Finance Credits: 3
  • MGT 2210 - Legal Environment of Business I Credits: 3
  • MGT 3000 - Organizational Management Credits: 3
  • MGT 4950 - Strategic Management Credits: 3
  • MKT 3000 - Principles of Marketing Credits: 3

*Transfer students that transfer in 6 or more credits of business courses will not need to take BUS 1850 but may take any other College of Business 3-credit hour course that does not appear in their Major or Business Core requirements. 

Senior Experience: (3 credits required of all students – please list the recommended course only if this proposal is for a major or extended major.)

  • MGT 4950 Strategic Management (Part of Business Core)
  • Please list course prefix, number and title, followed by prerequisites in parentheses.
  • If there is a prerequisite that will be waived for students in this incubator, please indicate both the prerequisite and the waiver option. 


Highly Recommended Core Courses: These should be courses that are critical to the field of study and which are likely to become required in an eventual curriculum proposal. 

MAJOR Highly Recommended COURSES:                                                         21 credit hours


MGT 3240    Employment & HR Law (pre-req: MGT 2210 Legal Environment of Business I)

MGT 3530    Human Resource Management (MGT 3000 Organizational Management)

MGT 4530    Organizational Behavior (MGT 3000 Organizational Management)

MGT 4620    Performance Management & Reward Systems (MGT 3530 HR Management)

MGT 4640    Employee Training & Development (MGT 3530 HR Management)

MGT 4660    Employee Selection (MGT 3530 HR Management)

MGT 490E    Strategic Human Resources (MGT 3530 HR Management, MGT 3240 Employment & HR Law, MGT 4620 Performance Mgt and Reward Systems, MGT 4640 Employee Training & Development, MGT 4660 Employee Selection)


Complementary Courses:



MGT 3260    Managing Business Risk (MGT 2210 Legal Environment of Business I)

MGT 3550     Operations Management (MGT 3000 Organizational Management, CIS 3300 Business Analytics I)

MGT 3980    Approved Human Resource Management Internship (MGT 3530, gpa 2.8)

MGT 4550    Project Management (MGT 300 Organizational Management, CIS 3300 Business Analytics I)

MGT 4610     Labor/Employee Relations (MGT 2210 Legal Environment of Business I, MGT 3000 Organizational Management)

MGT 4830    Workforce Diversity (Senior standing)

MGT 4850    Organizational & Management Consulting 


Total credit hours of core courses:  27 credit hours (HR major courses)

Business core:                                       36 credit hours

Additional CBUS requirements:          6 credit hours 


Unrestricted Electives:            17 credit hours 

Total credit hours of elective/complementary courses required:   17 credit hours unrestricted electives

Please note: An IDP extended major requires 60 credits (27 upper division); an IDP major requires 40 credits (21 upper division); an IDP minor requires 20 credits (6 upper division).

Overall degree requirements:

General Studies:   34 credit hours

Major:   69 credit hours

Electives or optional minor as needed

Total hours for B.S. degree 120 credit hours

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