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Management Four-Year Planning Guide


2017-2018 Catalog

1st Semester – First Year

2nd Semester – First Year

ENG 1010





PSC 1010 or 1020



MTH 1310

Freshman Comp: The Essay

(3 hours from list: American History Recommended)

PSY 1001Intro to Psych or SOC 1010 Intro to Soc


1010 American National Government or

1020 Political Systems and Ideas


Finite Mathematics for the Management and Social Sciences

ENG 1020


Natural Science


MTH 1320


SPE 1010


Unrestricted Elective1

Freshman Comp: Analysis, Research & Doc.


3 hours from list of electives


Calculus for Management & Soc Science


Public Speaking

1st Semester – Second Year

2nd Semester – Second Year

ACC 2010

ECO 2010


CIS 2010


MKT 2040

Arts and Letters

Principles of Accounting I

Principles of Economics – Macro

Computer Applications for Business

(Prerequisite: CIS/CSS 1010 w/ grade C or better or test)

Business Communication


(3 hours from list of electives)

ACC 2020

ECO 2020


MGT 2210


Natural Science

Unrestricted Elective

Principles of Accounting II

Principles of Economics – Micro


Legal Environment of Business I

 3 hours from list of Electives


1st Semester –Third Year

2nd Semester –Third Year

PHI 3360


CIS 3300

MKT 3000

MGT 3000

Unrestricted Elective

Business Ethics (recommended) or PHI 1030

Managerial Statistics

Principles of Marketing

Organizational Management


MGT 3220


MGT 3020

MGT 3820

FIN 3300

CIS 3320


Legal Environment of Business II

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

International Business

Managerial Finance

Management Science

1st Semester –Fourth Year

2nd Semester –Fourth Year

MGT 3530


MGT 3550

MGT 4530

Unrestricted Elective

Unrestricted Elective

Human Resources Management


Manufacturing and Service Management

Organizational Behavior



MGT 4950




Unrestricted Elective

Unrestricted Elective

Strategic Management

Elective from list of MGT electives

Elective from list of MGT electives



 1Students may want to add an international component to their degree program by declaring an International Business, Entrepreneurship, HR, or Operations Management Concentration.

Management Office: AD 525J, 303-556-3247           Academic Advising Center:  SSB 170, 303-556-3680

CBUS Advising:       AD 540, 303-352-7270                        Transfer Services:     SSB 180, 303-556-3774


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