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Women Entrepreneurs week presents: Kimberly is a cross-disciplinary executive, entrepreneur and four-time business owner. Her experience as a futurist, leading-edge management consultant has allowed her to work alongside clients in most major industry categories, presenting strategy and technology “best” and “next” practices to ideate distinguishing value propositions and to improve operational agility, scale, speed, scope and reach. Kimberly is current on the Advisory Board for MSU Denver’s Department of Management and Center for Entrepreneurship. Kimberly's advice to the MSU community: 1. Never stop learning. 2. Outreach to people. 3. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. 4. Take the risk and be prudent
LaKeshia Hodge is the CEO and Executive Director of Struggle of Love Foundation. SOL is a nonprofit that provides opportunities for underprivileged youth and families to access year-round services and programs. Since its inception, Struggle of Love has assisted thousands of families through community outreach events including competitive sports and mentoring teams, providing school supplies and backpack giveaways, hosting food and toy drives, and community picnics. They also provide mental health training and most recently opened the doors to the new community FOOD PANTRY located in the Montebello community.
Teri Karjala is a Transformational Life Strategist and founder of Creative Counseling Center and the podcast, Talking With Teri. Teri is the best-selling author of Be The Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life with a foreword written by Jack Canfield. Today, women entrepreneurs hire Teri to ignite the magic within, unleash their greatest transformation by releasing the blocks holding them back to catapult their business, generate more money, more clients, and more freedom.
Emily Hope Dobkin, Founder of Betterish, Creative Community Building Twisting together craft, play, and reflection, Betterish is about producing innovative experiences that nourish creativity and encourage meaningful social connections. It is a platform that remains dedicated to exploring the small actions, experiences, and lessons that lead to the bigger things while acknowledging process and progress over perfectionism.
Genevieve is the CEO and founder of GD Productions. GD Productions is a modeling and marketing agency in the Detroit Michigan area. Genevieve is an innovator in the modeling world utilizing diversity and forward-thinking in her business choices.
Alice Chen is a serial entrepreneur surmounting a decade of cross-industry success in a broad range of businesses she is passionate about. Alice currently dedicates her bandwidth to leading an emerging craft alcoholic beverage brand, Mexi Seltzer, and providing strategic input at a Fintech start-up shapeshifting the private banking and family office space.
Nalguitas Bonitas is a small, fast-growing company that produces and distributes a scrub for the butt. The product brightens skin, minimizes folliculitis, softens your skin, and reduces stretch marks. Sofia started her Costa Rican based company in 2018. The team at Nalguitas Bonitas believes in a world where every woman loves her body. They are on a mission to create body-positive, life-changing experiences through the products they carefully produce and the conversations they spark. Their vision is that every woman is comfortable with her body, her butt, and the woman they have become. In each of our products, we add a positive affirmation to make the customer feel empowered.
Interview with Ginger Grinkmeyer of Ginger Leigh Designs Ginger is a working artist with a thriving community of followers. She started with picture frame designs and a royalty relationship with an importer. It quickly grew into a retail business with a shop/studio in Florida. Then, it expanded into a wholesale gift art design, production, and supply studio. Ginger is a multi-media artist, working with various acrylic mediums, watercolors, ink, fabric, resin, paper, pastels, and watercolor crayons. Most importantly, Ginger embeds in every piece, SOUL and INTENTION, meaning and symbolism, texture and balance, to move people, inspire them, and remind them of this beautiful world and the love that surrounds us.
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