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Business Plan

Sections of the Business Plan

 (Use the following headings)


Explanation of the concept 

Explanation of the market need

Summary of the industry

                Growth, projections, issues and trends


Explanation of your target market


A detailed description of who your best customers are, what are their demographics and behavioral or psychographics (why, when, where, do they buy, how do they use it).

What market research has been done (primary via surveys, focus groups, interviews, or secondary via written data).

                How and where does the target fit into the larger industry?



                Who are the direct and indirect competitors?


Marketing Plan the 4 Ps

                Price- what are you going to charge and why?

                Product- what is the value to the customer, special attributes?

                Placement- how will you reach your customers?

                Promotion- how will you advertise? 


Business to date

                How far along is this business? What is its stage of development?

                Do you have actual customers- if so how many?


 Management team

                Who is on the team, what is their experience?



                What amounts of funds to you need?

                How much have you personally invested?

                What will the funds be used for- what purposes?


Conclusion if you want one.

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