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New from Spring 2020: Center for Entrepreneurship

MSU Denver and the College of Business are proud to announce the opening of the Center for Entrepreneurship!

This is the culmination of years of work educating and helping entrepreneurs—with our graduates creating businesses in fields from food trucks and unmanned aircraft to home healthcare and chocolate.

Looking for a major in Entrepreneurship, or an entrepreneurship concentration within a more traditional major in Management? Whether you're a student at MSU Denver or already have a degree, how about a certificate in Entrepreneurship? That's possible here.

In addition to offering you a strong foundation in general business classes such as accounting, management, marketing, and finance, you will also acquire in-class and in-person knowledge and skills specifically related to launching your own enterprise. Through internships, case studies, projects that connect you to Denver businesses, and a university culture that inspires entrepreneurship, our programs will give you the tools to run with your ideas.

Already have an idea to pitch? Learn more about Launch Denver or our Spring 2021 Business Plan Competition.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact us.

Launch Denver

Calling all Denver area entrepreneurs!

We are a new initiative supporting and developing entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Denver area by providing access to business loans, business development services and networking opportunities.

To learn more about Launch Denver, visit

Overview of Launch Denver

Launch Denver is a joint project between MSU Denver's Center for Entrepreneurship and three Denver Area Rotary clubs: the Rotary Cub of Denver, Westminster 7:10 Club, and Jeffco Golden Rotary Club

MSU Denver's Center for  Entrepreneurship provides 9 weeks of training with an orientation and a graduation ceremony that trains potential entrepreneurs on  how to launch their business idea. 

The program trained 15 participants in the Fall of 2019 and 9 participants in the Spring of 2020. 

The Rotary Cub of Denver provides Rotary Club members and members from the community to serve the Launch Denver Graduates as mentors.  Each mentor is assigned one or two mentees and provides assistance to take their businesses forward.

The program is built on  Launch Your City and Launch Raleigh models. 

The program is open to MSU Denver students, faculty, staff alumni and people from the business community. 

Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of community members who are experienced in the field of entrepreneurship and are willing to spend time and energy providing assistance to the Center with respect to Center activities. They bring a broad range of experience and expertise to the Center. 

Center Community Events

The Center hosts a number of community events to enhance entrepreneurship in the community. 

Future events include: a proposed event including Female Entrepreneurs in the Fall of 2020 and an event on Socially conscious and Sustainable Businesses in the Spring of 2021. 

Conversations on Current Entrepreneurship Issues

The Center is proud to host these conversations  on current issues affecting small businesses and entrepreneurship.  These conversations hope to elicit comment, discussions, and dialog on these issues. 

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