Case Study

Publish Date: April 18, 2016

Front Desk of Springhill Suites

MSU Denver's Springhill Suites Denver Downtown Hotel
and Hospitality Learning Center. 

Photo by Michael Richmond

In late January, MSU Denver’s SpringHill Suites Denver Downtown Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center was the backdrop – and a study in success – for a national conference on public-private partnerships.

MSU Denver President Stephen Jordan presented at the conference on financing campus facilities through public-private partnerships, holding up both the Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center, and the Aerospace and Engineering Sciences initiative as successful case studies.

Jordan covered essential qualities that universities must have in order to develop successful industry partnerships, including an ability to think creatively; an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take smart risks; a unified senior leadership; and a horizontal approach that involves interdisciplinary collaboration and aligning academic programs with the skill sets needed by a given economic cluster.

The conference closed with a discussion led by Jordan that focused on additional and potential partnerships, including the University’s relationship with the Detroit Institute of Music Education, its two new beer industry majors and the creation of a health care institute.