What Have Teachers Said About the Speaker's Bureau?

“The students learned a lot and many have opened their minds even more. That’s what education is all about!” – Renee Ruderman, First Year Seminar Instructor, MSCD

“One of the best resources on campus. Always responsive and credible.” – Sheldon Steinhauser, Associate Professor of Sociology, MSCD

“Students were impressed with your openness and acceptance. They liked how thoughtfully you responded to their questions.” – Carmen Braun Williams, Associate Dean of Education, University of Denver

“You give the students the opportunity to ask the things they’ve wondered about and put old myths to rest.” – Jay Watterworth, Instructor of Sociology, MSCD

“Your style is warm, sincere, and professional. You are an inspiration!” – Lisa Cox Hall, Instructor of Sociology, MSCD

“Thank you for attending the class and for being so honest and open in answering questions. The students said it was the highlight of their semester and that they learned a lot.” - Donna Chrobot-Mason, Assistant Professor of Psychology, UCD

"The concepts you shared about human sexuality really increased the students' understanding of and appreciation for what it means to be 'different.'" - Katherine Saltzman, Associate Professor

"Your dedication, knowledge, experience, communication skills, comfort level and willingness to share your own personal experiences contributed greatly to the learning experience of our students. " - Sheldon Steinhauser, Associate Professor of Sociology

"We appreciate your time and the candor in which you presented your information. It made us all much more aware, accepting, and cognizant of how we all need to work together to make 'diversity and inclusivity' a reality at our school." - Cindy Aspromonte, teacher, Odyssey School

"It was wonderful. Several students have told me you are the best speakers they have ever had at MSCD." - B.J. Hambleton

"The students appreciated the knowledge you shared, which was infused with humor and honesty." - Terri M. Davis, Counseling and Consultation Center, University of Denver

What students say about the Speaker's Bureau