What Have Students Said About the Speaker's Bureau?

“Doing more of these kinds of activities would be extremely helpful in strengthening tolerance for all.”

“It strengthens my understanding and support for those having to live this life.”

“Having this knowledge opened my eyes.”

“It sparked a conversation with a good transgendered friend of mine.”

“I learned how being a woman of color intersects with sexuality.”

“The speakers are really brave. Their stories moved me.”

“I was made more aware of the ways in which discrimination and hatefulness are still prevalent in my own community.”

“This knowledge makes me want to get involved to help change things.”

“This program served as a reminder for me to try harder to be kind.”

"I learned that sexual preference can be on a continuum and fluctuate over time."

"Our speaker remained very down to earth, which lead to our discussion becoming more intimate and comfortable. I feel more comfortable and interested with the gay, lesbian, and transsexual population. This opportunity truly opened my eyes."

"I learned that there are too few role models for GLBT youth."

"I learned that it is better out of the closet than in."

"I learned that many lesbian, gay, and transsexuals lead very happy and fulfilling lives."

"I have learned how to empathize with the GLBT community."

"I have become more curious about the origins of the GLBT community and why that is contradictory to the church."

"Previously, it was very hard for me to accept that the process of 'coming out' was so difficult. I had assumed that once you 'know' who you are, you would have the courage to live the life that makes you happiest - despite the obstacles. I now realize that those obstacles are much higher than I thought, and many of them involve a great internal struggle rather than just an external one."

"Fabulous and very inspiring!"

"Great presentation - very creative/innovative ideas...extremely powerful!"

What have teachers said about the speakers bureau?