Ways to Fight Homophobia as a Straight Ally

  1. Organize discussion groups in class or after school to talk about the "Ten Ways Homophobia Affects Straight People.".

  2. Always use neutral labels like "partner" or "significant other" instead of "boyfriend," "girlfriend," etc. when writing papers or talking to others. 

  3. Bring up LGBTQ issues in conversations with friends or discussions in class.

  4. Interrupt anti-LGBTQ jokes, comments or any other behaviors that make homophobia appear okay.

  5. Put LGBTQ-positive posters in the halls and classrooms or wear shirts, buttons, etc. that promote tolerance.

  6. Don't make assumptions about peoples' sexual orientations or gender identities. Assume there are LGBTQ people in all classes, sports, meetings, daily life, etc.

  7. Don't assume that "feminine-acting men" and "masculine-acting women" are not heterosexual.

  8. Don't assume that "macho males" or "feminine females" are heterosexual.