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The LGBTQ SRC Library contains over 1,600 items, including fiction and non-fiction books, documentary videos, and feature films. While we have a wide variety of items useful in research topics, we also have plenty of items just for entertainment.

We also have a TV and VCR/DVD Player in the office so you can watch videos during your breaks. Students, faculty, and staff at MSUD, UCD, CCD, and AHEC can check out up to two videos for one week, and books can be checked out for two weeks. There is no limit on the number of books, but we do ask that you limit the number of items checked out so we can all enjoy this resource. Previously checked out items need to be returned before checking out new items.

In addition to our library items, we have many resources you can enjoy in our office. We regularly receive Out Front, the local LGBTQ newspaper, as well as other publications.

If you can't find what you're looking for in our office, the Auraria Library is connected to a database called LGBT Life, which indexes literature regarding LGBTQ issues. Comprehensive coverage ranges from traditional academic, lifestyle, and regional periodical publications to books, bibliographies and dissertations.

We also have a wall full of pamphlets about local LGBTQ organizations, campus resources, and health resources, as well as a variety of other topics. Enjoy!


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