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Social Space Agreements

As a guest, you play a large role in shaping the culture and experience of our office. The LGBTQ Student Resource Center of Auraria was created as an affirming space for LGBTQ+ identities. To allow the continuation of this we ask that you abide by these norms: 

  • Hold yourself and others accountable for words and actions that impact others. This is a social space as well as a working office. Please keep staff and office guests in mind with your volume, cleanliness, behavior, and topics of conversations 
  • Get explicit consent and respect boundaries when: 
    • Engaging in physical contact with others 
    • In conversation with others on sensitive topics
  • Everyone is at different points of understanding. Be open to others' viewpoints and have empathy for others.
  • Be kind- treat others how they wish to be treated.
  • Your experience matters to us. Student staff are here to support, advise, and facilitate your time in the Center.


What to do if a guest violates these norms

If you feel like a guest in our social space has violated any of the norms previously mentioned, please contact a staff member as soon as possible. Feel free to talk to us directly, or send us an email, if that is more comfortable to: or
Steve Willich at

Below are some helpful resources:

  • Phoenix Center
    •  303-315-7250 Tivoli 227
  • MSU Counseling Center:
    • 303-615-9911 Tivoli 651
  • CU Denver Counseling Center:
    • 303-315-7270 Tivoli 454
  • CCD Counseling Center:
    • 303-352-6436 Tivoli 245
  • Health Center:
    • 303-615-9999 Plaza 150
  • Auraria PD:
    • 303-556-5000 Admin Building 1201
  • Text-a-Tip:
    • 720-593-8477

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