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Learning Assistant Program for students

Student applications are closed for spring.

  • LAs are paid for up to 10 hours a week and $14.77 starting January 1st, 2021.

  • Due to new limitations on the LA budget for spring and summer,  LAs will be required to limit their hours to no more than 10 hours a week per section.  This is being communicated to LAs and their supervising faculty in advance of hiring.


If applying to a specific course, the instructor must complete their faculty course proposal first.

Please apply through the Learning Assistant Alliance website.

1) Go the website using the link or address above.

2) Click on the Students tab

3) Then select the MSU Denver campus link 

4) Complete the application



The Learning Assistant Program at MSU Denver was launched at MSU in the Fall of 2015. 

 LA Requirements:  LAs  will be paid up to 10 a week.  These hours are to minimally include:

- team teaching in the assigned course with your faculty mentor;

- at least one hour a week of consultation with your faculty mentor;

- your attendance in the pedagogy class your first semester as a new LA

- at least one office hour per week (optional); and

- other duties as required by your faculty mentor and/or course leader.

If you would like to be an LA submit an application through the Learning Assistant Alliance website. 



We will be in contact with you through email regarding next steps and placements. Thank you for considering being a Learning Assistant. Our students and faculty make the Learning Assistant Program great!

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