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As of June 1, 2020, we are no longer requiring attendance at a Student Employment New Hire Orientation (SE-NHO) for student employees. The information discussed in SE-NHO can now be accessed on the Student Employment Portal.  


1) Please have your new student employee register for a background check on the Student Employment Portal’s event calendar -

2) Direct them to the New Employee Packet under the SE portal’s Getting Started Section. a) There is a checklist in the packet for them to follow.

3) Watch 3 videos and complete quiz.  We will go over the quiz items on the first day of the pedagogy class.


With this change, we are also adjusting background check and paperwork processes.  To ensure timely submissions of the background check, we would like to have the new student employee register for a background check on the Student Employment Portal Calendar. 

We are not required to review IDs for I-9 forms in person. This will continue to be done remotely as well. 

To summarize:

  • We are no longer holding Student Employment New Hire Orientations. 
  • New employee packets are now submitted electronically.
  • Employees cannot begin working until supervisors receive this email from our office, hence start dates may need to be adjusted.

Are you eligible for student employment?

Students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters, unless it is the last semester before the student graduates. International students must be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours. 


Work Hour Limits:

  • Must take a 30 minute unpaid lunch if working 5 or more consecutive hours and record on timesheet.
  • Recommended that student work no more than 8 hours in a day
  • Exception Request Forms: Required if there is a need for the student to work more than 30 hours a week, max is 40 hours.

Returning LAs – Your employment information will be added to the HR required spreadsheet by the staff for each semester you are employed.  Read the emails sent out by Student Employment for directions specific to your employment. If paperwork is required you will be notified. 

Rehires- (students that have taken a break from working as an LA or another campus position):

  • If the student that is rehired has been gone for less than 3 years and their last background check is still valid they will fall under the “continuing employee” status.  Otherwise they will need to follow the New Employee process. 

All LAs - If you are work study eligible, please inform the LA staff.  You will need to complete the Financial Aid workstudy eligibility form.


Split Assignments:  please request the paperwork for Split Assignments.


Payroll Information:

Note: If you have recently worked on campus THIS SCHOOL YEAR as a student employee, please email Linda Sivertson for directions


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