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Faculty Policies and Resources

Below are some administrative policies that may be helpful to faculty members.


NOTE: This content is being moved to the CLAS Departments SharePoint Site for Chairs and Directors. You will be able to find it on the Mini-Grant Applications page once it is removed from the public facing website.

Below are the instruction sheets and application/final report links for the three types of mini-grants you can apply for. Each instruction sheet also includes the application and requisite final report links as well.

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Undergraduate Research Mini-Grant  
Teaching Mini-Grant
Professional Development Mini-Grant

The Faculty Resource Guide 2017-2018 contains helpful information regarding the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, syllabus and grading policies, advising, evaluation, and numerous helpful links. 

University policies are in the Handbook for Personnel, the catalog, and on the policy website. College policies are under the purview of the Dean in consultation with the academic department Chairs. Departmental policies are established by the Chair in consultation with the Dean and their Faculty. The General Standards of Performance for the Faculty in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences are:

  1. Timely performance of responsibilities and other responsibilities as specified in the faculty member’s contract, the Handbook, and in accordance with the academic and procedural calendars including submission of grades by the deadline established by the Registrar.
  2. Adherence to accepted standards of professional conduct as established by the Handbook and AAUP.
  3. Faculty are expected to be available by email or phone during their contractual period which for full time faculty is August 1st through May 30th, excluding when the campus is closed.
  4. Faculty shall be responsible for the conduct of assigned classes and submitting grades by the University deadline; shall provide the chair with timely notice in the event that they cannot conduct a class (or classes); and, pursuant to written departmental policy, shall arrange, when possible, for instruction to be provided when they cannot be present — either by a substitute or by class assignment.
  5. During the first week of class faculty shall present to all students attending class a syllabus containing the course description, their grading criteria, CLAS syllabus policies and special notices required by law or institutional policy.
  6. Faculty shall, as established by departmental policies, adopt such procedures as necessary to assure that adequate and accurate records of student performance are maintained.
  7. Full-time faculty shall establish, post, and keep a minimum of 5 office hours weekly during each academic term of the regular academic year. 
  8. The normal teaching load for full-time faculty is 24 semester credit hours per academic year. 
  9. In addition to teaching their classes, full-time faculty members shall prepare for classes, evaluate students’ performance, confer with and advise students.  Tenure-line faculty will participate in committee work, scholarly activities, service and other appropriate professional activities. Full-time faculty are expected to devote an average of at least 40 hours per week during the contract year to meeting their teaching and other obligations.
  10. Faculty shall keep syllabi and student records for all classes for one calendar year after the end of the semester in which the course was taught.
  11. Faculty shall respond to emails in a timely manner as established by their departmental policies.


The Board of Trustees Policies and Governance section contains numerous pieces of documentation.


  • Handbook for professional personnel
  • Classified employee handbook
  • Student employee handbook


  • ADA policies and procedures
  • Trustees policy manual
  • MSU Denver CORA policy
  • Trustee bylaws


  • State personnel rules

Have you applied or are you considering applying for a faculty position with the Metropolitan State University of Denver's College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences? We understand that many of our stellar faculty come from a variety of backgrounds. If you're curious whether your degree fits the required qualifications for the position you are applying for, check out our Related Fields for Hiring PDF for some help.

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