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Student Forms

If your major is through one of the departments of CLAS, you may need to submit one of the following forms during your tenure here at MSU Denver. Please note that processing for each of the forms below can take up to 2-3 business days.

These forms are also available on Academic and Student Affairs' website.

Petition for Overload

The petition for overload is for any student that wants to take more than 18 credit hours during the Fall or Spring semesters, or more than 12 credit hours during the Summer semester. Please note that you may or may not have to obtain signatures from your major's Department Chair and an Associate Dean within the Dean's Office of LAS, depending on your GPA, the number of hours you have completed at MSU Denver, and the number of credit hours you are requesting. All criteria are listed on the petition for overload form. The student is responsible for enrolling themselves if and when their petition has been approved.

You can download the petition for overload form here.

Time Conflict

Time conflict forms are for students that wish to take a class that may briefly overlap with another. Signatures from the professor, Department Chair, and Associate Dean are required, but only for the course that time will be missed. This may be for both courses, or only one. The student is responsible for enrolling themselves if and when their time conflict has been approved.

You can download the time conflict form here.

Late Enrollment

Late enrollment forms are for students that have been attending class since the beginning of the semester, but for whatever reason were not registered before the census date. This may include students that accidentally unenrolled themselves, or other specific circumstances in which they were not officially enrolled. Two additional pieces of documentation are also required: the late enrollment addendum (to be filled out by the professor), and the financial responsibility form (to be filled out by the student). The Dean's Office will enroll the student in the missing course if and when it is approved.

You can download the late enrollment and financial responsibility form here.

You can download the late enrollment addendum here.

Additionally, there are a number of forms available on the Registrar's website. Visit the Registrar's site to find access to forms related to:

  • Administrative Withdrawals
  • Credit by Examination
  • Change of Major/Minor
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Transfer Course Approval
  • Transfer Previous Degree

Student Policies

Are you looking for information related to administrative policies for students? The university catalog houses a host of useful information, such as:

  • Academic Policies for Students
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • General University Policies
  • Campus Policies

To access any of these policies, in addition to others, please visit the MSU Denver Catalog by clicking below.

You may also click on the Syllabus Policies button below to access information regarding course withdrawal policies, incomplete grade policies, and a number of other regulations pertaining to your attendance at MSU Denver. 

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