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Mission and Vision


Mission Statement

Graduation CapThe primary mission of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences is to effectively utilize all the energy and resources at the disposal of the College to support the broader mission of the University.  Building upon the traditions of the Academy, the community, and the faculty, CLAS offers a broad variety of curricula which comprises a liberal education in the traditional sense.  Its focus is on educating students to think critically as individuals and as citizens.  General Studies course offerings provide the basic knowledge and skills necessary for all degree-seeking students.  Fine and performing arts programs offer cultural enrichment to the campus and the community.  The teaching and learning environment fosters lifelong learning, an appreciation and respect for others, responsible citizenship, and career development.

Within the traditions of the arts, sciences, social sciences, and humanities, lies a history of imagination, inspiration and discovery by which faculty offer degree programs leading to post graduate work and careers in the public and private sectors.  The College’s resources support teaching by encouraging the teacher/scholar model in faculty, and by offering high quality support staff and services which assist students in identifying and meeting their educational goals.

The College responds to the educational needs of a diverse urban population with flexible scheduling, a curriculum meeting established academic standards of rigor, currency and application.  The College also extends the college service mission through faculty research and study, student internships, partnerships, mutual grant projects, Centers, Institutes, and collaborations with public schools, business, industry, government, and non-profit organizations.


Vision Statement

Metropolitan State University of Denver has a vision, “to be recognized as the preeminent public urban baccalaureate university in the country.” This vision challenges the faculty, staff and administration to create an even stronger educational and learning environment for our students and a more integrated response to the community we serve.  The University as a whole has developed a strategic plan that sheds light on the paths and steps required to meet this vision. The College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (CLAS) provides and supports several of these paths.  We are moving quickly to begin building preeminence.  CLAS must build on what has gone before.  We are planning for the future as we build improvements into the present.

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