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Message from Dr. Arlene Sgoutas

Since its founding in 1963, Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) has transformed the lives of more than 90,000 people in Colorado through affordable and accessible degree programs, community engagement, innovative public-private partnerships, and a commitment to diversity. By offering a broad-based curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences, the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (CLAS) at MSU Denver transforms lives and communities through the power of ideas, inspiration and discovery. CLAS provides an integrated education, and our dedicated faculty engage students in deliberative dialogues, undergraduate research, and experiential learning. 

As the largest college at MSU Denver, we offer degrees in the fine and performing arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics and the natural sciences. Today, we have 19 departments and 1 institute with 36 majors, 43 minors, and 14 certificates. In addition to these majors and minors, we provide support for students interested in designing their own degree programs through the Center for Individualized Learning.

We also support eight centers and programs that provide specific services for students or do outreach to the community at large. The programs designed specifically to meet the needs of our current students include the Honors Program, the Writing Center, College Assistance Migrant Program, and Roadways. The Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership brings local, national, and international speakers to the campus to enhance the co-curricular experience of MSU Denver students. The Family Center, Family Literacy Program, and the Center for Advanced Stem Education offer services to the local community. We also work closely with the Applied Learning Center to develop internships for students.

The LAS influence can be seen across MSU Denver. The General Studies curriculum, which is taught primarily by LAS faculty, was designed to develop well-rounded citizens with a broad base of knowledge about our world. Preparing students to excel in a diverse workforce and community is critical to our educational mission. Classes in Anthropology, Political Science, African American, Chicano, Native American, and Women’s Studies offer an opportunity for students to learn about history and examine current events through the voices of different cultures.

We prepare students to engage in civic problem-solving to address the most pressing issues in society, and to create an enriching life. MSU Denver’s mission is to provide a high-quality, accessible, enriching education that prepares students for successful careers, post-graduate education and lifelong learning in a multicultural, global, and technological society.

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Dr. Arlene Sgoutas, Interim Dean

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