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Tlatchli Games Competetion

Tlatchli Game Competition   

What are the Tlatchli Games?

Each team will be given one study guide in early spring on the topic "Celebrating Our Heritage Through Our Culture, Language, and Oral Traditions". The information contained in this guide is core information which the JTOH program feels is important for all schools students to know about their identity as global citizens.


Every April, JTOH team hosts the annual Tlatchli Games!!


A) JTOH has devised a field day type experience where high school teams will gather together. Teams will be able to interact with each other at four different stations. Each station will represent and indigenous cultural game that helped develop fit bodies, strong minds and healthy respect for each other.

B) After completing the task at each of the four stations, each team will receive a written test. Teams will then be accompanied by their mentor to an MSU Denver classroom where the team will be given 20 minutes to complete their test. This will allow each student to experience what it feels like to sit in a classroom at MSU. 

C) After completing their written test JTOH teams will meet at St.Cajetan's for a catered dinner, live bands and door prizes. We are very excited to have you part of this year’s program. We look forward to working with you!!


Mauricio Saravia Awards (JTOH Signature Event)

Join the whole JTOH family for the end of the year celebration. We will also host an honoring ceremony for our graduating seniors. Special guest in the past have included Pulitzer Prize winner Victor Villasenor and Colorado State Representative Joseph Salazar.

When: The first Friday of May 

Where: TBA

What: Journey Through Our Heritage Mauricio Saravia Awards Ceremony with Café Cultura


Tlatchli Games Study Guides

El Movimento 

El Movimiento Study Guide

El Movimiento Study Guide pdf

Test Questions El Movimiento

Test Questions El Movimiento pdf 

Civil Rights David Young

Civil Rights Young Study Guide 2015

Civil Rights Young Study Guide 2015 pdf


Race Study Guide

Race Study Guide pdf


SouthWest Study Guide

SouthWest Study Guide pdf

Southwest Questions

Southwest Questions pdf


Africa Study Guide

Africa Study Guide pdf

Africa Questions

Africa Questions pdf


Mexico Study Guide

Mexico Study Guide pdf

Mexico Questions

Mexico Questions pdf 

Corn Mother

Corn Mothers Study Guide

Corn Mothers Study Guide pdf

Corn Mothers Questions

Corn Mothers Questions pdf

Global Climate change

Global Climate Change Sites Study Guide pdf

Sacred Foods Sacred Sites 

Sacred Sites and Sacred Foods ??

Sacred Study Guide?

Sacred Sites and Sacred Foods Questions

Sacred Study Questions

Spanish Settlers  Colorado

Spanish Settlers Colorado

Spanish Settlers Colorado pdf

Slavery, Civil War and KKK

Slavery, civil war and KKK

Slavery, civil war and KKK pdf

Japanese Internment Camps

Japanese Internment Camps

Japanese Internment Camps pdf

Colorado Migration

Colorado Migration

Colorado Migration pdf

Bent's Fort questions

Global Climate Change Study Guide

Bent's Fort questions




Poetry anthologies submissions are due February 28th!!!

This is the JTOH Literary/Art Journal Competition.  Each school will earn points by:

a) Turning in individual art work to be used in the anthology.  (100 points for the school)

b) Turning in poetry, prose or short stories of 500 words or less. 

c) At least one poem from your school must be about a global warming or an issue concerning water preservation, locally or globally. Up to eight pieces will be scored, but more pieces may be turned in. Each piece will be graded for up to 25 points for a possible 200 points total.

d) Hosting an Open Poetry or a Spoken Word at your school OR attending the Lalo Delgado/Mauricio Saravia poetry festival at MSU Denver.  (300 points)

In addition to awards for schools, there will be 1st 2nd or 3rd place awards in the categories of individual art work, prose and short stories. 


Sample Poem

“Stupid America”

by Lalo Delgado

stupid america, see that chicano

with a big knife

on his steady hand

he doesn't want to knife you

he wants to sit on a bench

and carve christ figures

but you won't let him.

stupid america, hear that chicano

shouting curses on the street

he is a poet

without paper and pencil

and since he cannot write

he will explode.

stupid america, remember that chicanito

flunking math and english

he is a picasso

of your western states

but he will die

with one thousand masterpieces

hanging only from his mind.

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