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Journey Through Our Heritage (JTOH)
Metropolitan State University of Denver
(MSU Denver) Department of Chicana/o Studies
Dr. Renee Fajardo coordinator
To: JTOH Schools and Non Profits
Re: Responsibilities of the JTOH team
     Thank you for participating in the Journey Through Our Heritage program with us this year! We are looking forward to a successful and exciting year with all the school teams and nonprofit organizations.. We would like to address the JTOH-Metropolitan State University of Denver mentors responsibilities to the schools and nonprofits.
  1. JTOH-MSU Denver mentors are required to spend one day out of the week in their designated high school: helping teachers, mentoring students, and participating in the classroom activities.
  2. JTOH-MSU Denver mentors are also required to form a competitive team at their high school, usually meeting after school on a specific time and day of the week.
  3. JTOH-MSU Denver mentors are required to spend one day of service in their nonprofit and may also participate and provide volunteer hours for any nonprofit organization’s special events.
JTOH-MSU Denver mentors are required to give at least 24 hour notice if they need to cancel school or nonprofit hours.
In return for these services provided by JTOH-MSU Denver mentors, what we ask schools and nonprofit organizations the following:
  1. That participating schools and nonprofit organizations provide a consistent schedule of times and places the JTOH-MSU Denver mentors are to provide the above mentioned services for said schools and nonprofits.
  2. That if for any reason the place and or time may change that the participating school and nonprofit organization give the JTOH-MSU Denver mentor a 24 hour notice via phone call and or email (preferably both).
  3. With regards to the competitive events that we are having, we would ask respectfully that someone from your school/nonprofit organization attend our events at least twice a semester. (our next event is Dec.9th at 6:30pm).
  4. Once a semester the participating schools and nonprofit organizations will fill out a very short evaluation of the Journey Through Our Heritage program.
Dr. Renee Fajardo
JTOH Coordinator

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