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DECEMBER 7 CULTURE EXPRESSION (5:30-8:30) Tivoli Turnhalle


Please note the following dates 

 Welcome Back Ceremony Sep. 21, 2019

St. Cajetans Event Center Auraria Campus


Welcome Back JTOH Teams 2019-2020

Celebrating Our Heritage Through Our Culture, Language, and Oral Traditions

Greetings Teams,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Journey Through Our Heritage season. This year we will be partnering with the History Colorado Center to discuss topics that are relevant to our youth.  We have some very exciting and innovative projects planned for the upcoming year! Our theme this year is, “Celebrating Our Heritage Through Our Culture, Language, and Oral Traditions”. This theme was chosen to coincide with the History Colorado Centers 2019/20 exhibitions. Our program will focus on culture, language, and oral traditions (fall 2019) and the 1968 exhibit and  Chicano Movement exhibit at the museum. These exhibits will help us create a dialogue with our youths about our collective journey into the 21st century. In turn we hope that this dialogue will motivate and inspire them to become leaders of tomorrow. Leaders, who are educated and informed about our history as well as the complexity of  cultural world issues.

As part of the JTOH team partnership with the History Colorado Center all participating schools will be given free admission for field trips to visit the upcoming exhibitions. If schools are in need of transportation cost, the MSU Denver JTOH program will be offering stipends to help offset the cost of transportation.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity we are asking all schools who wish to visit the exhibitions to contact us directly with dates and times so we may set up the field trips. For more information on the History Colorado Center exhibition visit 


 Cultural Expressions Competition Dec 13, 2019

St. Cajetan's  Event Center Auraria Campus     


This is the 1st competition of the year! Let the Jornada Begin! Teams will come together to compete with each other in the following categories. Please note teams may choose one  of the following categories to compete in. 


The video presentation should be based on culture, heritage, and oral traditions. The video may not be longer than 6 minutes. The video should be an original artistic expression of the topics, and should not include a videoed power point presentation. Each team should have two copies of their presentation on a flash drive, and should be compatible with a PC.

Teatro( skit)

The Teatro(skit) should be based on culture, heritage, and oral traditions. The Skit may not be longer than  6 minutes. The Skit should be a theatrical presentation of the team’s original concepts.

Power Point Presentation 

The Power Point Presentation should be based on culture, heritage, and oral traditions. The Power Point Presentation may not be longer than  6 minutes. Each team should have two copies of their presentation on a flash drive, and should be compatible with a PC,


In addition to or instead of the above categories teams may compete in the Mural Competition. All Murals should be based on the theme of culture, heritage, and oral traditions. Teams will be provided with canvas, paints and brushes to complete their mural. All teams competing in the Mural Competition must have their teams Mural ready to display the night of the competition (All Teams are responsible for figuring out a way to display their mural at the competition).

Detailed instructions will be sent out at a later date.  

  Mauricio Saravia Literary Journal and Competition

(Submitted electronically to

The Mauricio Saravia Literary Journal and Competition provides an opportunity for all Individual students to publish their creative writing and original art work in a university level publication. Each individual student may submit up to 3 pieces each from the following categories: Poetry, Essay, Fiction, or Graphic Art. Each person who submits an entry to any category will be eligible to participate in the competition for that category. (Students must designate only one  piece in any particular category they want to be judged). Each student is also  allowed to submit original art work created by them that reflects the theme of culture, heritage, and oral traditions.

There will be 3 winners in each category. The first, second and third place winners in each category will receive a trophy. In addition first place winners for each category will receive a $50 gift certificate, and a trophy for their school. They will be judged in one of the following categories.

Poetry 30 lines or less

Essay 500 words or less

Fiction 500 words or less

Graphic Art:  Photograph, drawing, sketch, painting,( no bigger than 8in by 10 in)  


Please note that each school is going to be given the opportunity to host their own poetry slam. We will grant each JTOH Team a small stipend to be used for decorations, prizes, food, etc. if they decide to hold a slam at their home school.


   Tlatchli Game Competition  Apr. 17, 2019

St. Cajetan's, 9th Street Park, and Lawrence St. Mall  on Auraria Campus

Each team will be given one study guide in early spring  on , “Celebrating Our Heritage Through Our Culture, Language, and Oral Traditions”. The information contained in this guide is core information that the JTOH program feels is important for all schools  students to know about their identity as global citizens.

On April 20th  the Tlatchli Games begin!

A) JTOH has devised a field day type experience where high school teams will gather together. Teams will be able to interact with each other at four  different stations. Each station will represent and indigenous cultural game that helped develop fit bodies, strong minds and healthy respect for each other.


B) After completing the task at each of the four stations, each team will receive a written test. Teams will then be accompanied by their mentor to an MSU Denver classroom where the team will be given 20 minutes to complete their test. This will allow each student to experience what it feels like to sit in an actual MSU classroom.

C) After completing their written test JTOH teams will meet at St. Cajetan's for a catered dinner, live bands, and door prizes. We are very excited to have you part of this year’s program. We look forward to working with you.

 Awards Ceremony May 8, 2020

Colorado History Center 1200 Broadway


Join the whole JTOH family for this end of the year celebration. We will also host an   honoring ceremony for our graduating seniors. Special guest in the past have included Pulitzer Prize winner Victor Villasenor and Colorado State Representative  Joseph Salazar from House Dist. 31

Service Learning Projects Optional

Service Awards will be given out  be given out to schools that participate in community projects. There will also be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places awarded in the area of  Service Learning Projects. These projects must be documented via photos and a synopsis of the project that includes, time, date, number of hours of participation, number of participants and goals and outcomes of the project.  All project  synopsis are due by March 30th and will be judged by an independent panel   made up of non- profit board members. All projects will be posted on the JTOH website. Project proposals must be registered by Dec. 15th even if they are to occur in the Spring semester.

Please send your schools contact info ASAP and we will be in contact with you this next week!


Dr. Renee Fajardo

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