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2016-2017 Department News

New Arrivals Fall 2016:

Assistant Professor Michelle Baum, Public Relations

Assistant Professor Steve Krizman, Public Relations


2016 News Archive

October 6, 2016

Intern loses shoes, gains experience

By Meghanne Shipe

Jeanelle Thompson always gets her story.

Case in point: the day the Vail Daily intern realized that no one had gotten a photo of the town’s biggest lacrosse tournament. The photos were slated for the front page.

“Jeanelle talked the circulation director out of the keys to a company truck and hot-footed it to the tournament,” recalled Randy Wyrick, staff writer at the Daily and Thompson’s internship supervisor.

When she arrived on site, Thompson realized her dress clothes and black pumps – perfect for the usual courtroom reporting – weren’t well-suited for the lacrosse field.

“I was running around, kicking off my heels and taking photos,” she said “After I got all the pictures and interviews, I saw that my shoes were missing! I was horrified to go back to work with no shoes.”

Thompson stopped at a local consignment shop to buy a new pair on the way, and still made it to the office in time to file the photos and cutlines ahead of deadline.

Intern loses shoes, gains experience


August 31, 2016

Pokémon Go-ing where no tech has gone before

by Brett McPherson

It’s hard to miss the people meandering through campus in seemingly aimless patterns – phones at eye-level, one finger swiping strategically.

They are trying to “catch them all.”

Pokémon Go is the hottest new thing in mobile technology and Auraria Campus is one of the 10 best locations in Denver to capture the game’s creatures, compete in virtual gyms and connect with teams of red, yellow or blue.

The game is also a gateway to future technology.

It takes place in what is called augmented reality, which is a virtual overlay to what we experience in the physical world, according to Chris Jennings, an associate professor of interactive media production at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

“You can see a 3D representation of the real environment on your mobile phone screen,” he said, “then you see the different Pokémon Go characters pop up and appear inside that environment.”

Pokémon Go-ing where no tech has gone before


July 25, 2016

Associate Professor of Journalism Kip Wotkyns mentors students at Youth Journalism Day on July 21.
Photo: Sara Hertwig

Doing what’s write

By Rachel Bruner

Always write. That’s the t-shirt motto chosen for this year’s Youth Journalism Day at MSU Denver, a Denver Post program that gives 8- to 14-year-old students a glance into the lives of journalists.

It’s a message that volunteers shared with the 75 student participants.

Like learning the five Ws: who, what, when, where and why, asking the right interview questions and rushing on deadline to get the story published on the Denver Post Colorado Kids youth reporter’s website.

“I build the website as they're writing,” said Dana Plewka, Denver Post educational services and youth content manager, who runs the program. “And we go live at 4 p.m. in front of an audience, so it’s pretty crazy.”

You can see the day’s motto in the hard work of students like Kylie Mayer, whose article explains how Legos can help students learn, or in Evan Ward’s backstage look of the Courtyard Theatre in the King Center.

Or you can ask MSU Denver social documentary major Dayna Himot, who writes and hosts a radio show for Met Media, or Associate Professor of Journalism Kip Wotkyns, whose reporting background includes Fortune and Time magazine.

Doing what's write


April 19, 2016

Kip Wotkyns had a paper published on 4/19/16. Check out the Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication website.  Click here to find his article The Islamic ideal through the prism of Senegalese Sufi Brotherhood in the Fall 2015 (V. 31, No. 1) edition. 



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