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Department Mission Statement

Small high-tech image of human silhouettes against an abstract background.The Department of Journalism and Media Production supports the mission of the University by providing a high quality, accessible, enriching education that prepares students for successful careers in a multicultural, global and technological society. As a component of the School of Professional Studies, the department shares the mission of the School in serving the community as a living laboratory.

JMP prepares its graduates to enter the profession and meet various industry needs by offering courses in formal and virtual classroom settings. The department imparts knowledge through curriculum in two programs and nine concentration areas.

Journalism concentrations include: Convergent Journalism, Magazines, Public Relations, and Social Documentary.

Media Production concentrations include:  Interactive Media Production, Mobile and Social Media Communication, Technical Writing and Editing, Video Production, and an Extended Major in Media Production.

Department faculty demonstrate pedagogic leadership by bringing evidence to the classroom of continuing work in the profession, as well as by providing heuristic activities through academic endeavors and community engagement.


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