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Program Majors

Bachelor of Art - Journalism

The journalism program prepares students for careers in traditional and convergent media. A solid education is offered in the basics of journalism with B.A. degree earned in the following concentrations:

  • Broadcast Journalism (Fall 2018)
  • Convergent Journalism
  • Magazines
  • Public Relations
  • Social Documentary/Modern Languages incubator program

The journalism faculty are academic and working professionals who offer a real-world education in the tenets of journalism; accuracy, truth, fairness, acting independently and minimizing harm. Instructors also teach rigorous courses of First Amendment case studies and ethical issues that prepare students for careers in both print and electronic newsrooms and public relations firms.


Bachelor of Science - Technical Communication

The department offers a B.S. degree in Technical Communication with four concentration areas:

  • interactive media production
  • mobile and social media communication
  • technical writing and editing
  • video production
  • extended major

Each individual concentration teaches theory, concepts, and practical applications that can be employed in various areas of business, industry, government, and the media production field. With the exception of the two extended major options, all students must complete a minor.

Upon completion of a degree program in technical communication, students should be able to:

  • Communicate knowledge of the field both orally and in writing.
  • Relate technical communication principles from their selected areas of concentration.
  • Apply theory and principles in a practical manner to their areas of concentration.
  • Conduct research, synthesize technical information and write in the appropriate format of their concentration.
  • Present technical information in a media or interactive media format suitable to their areas of concentration.
  • Produce or oversee the production of technical information in a media or interactive media format suitable to their area of concentration.

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