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Journalism Majors

Convergent Journalism

Convergent Journalism emphasis incorporates much of the curriculum offered in the Photojournalism, Magazine, and News & Editorial degrees. In addition to the required courses, students select courses from Technical Communications and Broadcast Journalism. This 38-hour major is on the cutting-edge of 21st-century journalism publishing. A degree in Convergent Journalism prepares graduates for jobs in print, electronic, broadcast, radio, television and online publishing.

38 Credit Hours

Convergent Journalism 2016-17

Advisors: Professors Bisio, Schafer, & Wotkyns


Magazine emphasis provides students with critical skills to excel in magazine editorial and design departments, copy editing, publishing, and online multi-platform dissemination of magazine content.

38 Credit Hours

Magazines 2016-17

Advisor: Professor Wotkyns

Public Relations

Public Relations emphasis prepares graduates for jobs in corporate and non-profit public relations, event coordination and media communications positions. This major was created using courses from a variety of disciplines ensuring our public relations graduates are well versed in all areas of media.

41 Credit Hours

Public Relations 2016-17

Advisor: Professors Baum & Krizman

Social Documentary (IDP)

The documentary field is exploding.  Television networks want more documentary programming.  Film festivals usually feature a documentary category, and the job market is poised for growth. Students will learn how to write, produce, edit and prepare their documentary programs for distribution and film festivals.

45 Credit Hours

Social Documentary 2016-17

Advisor: Professors Bisio & Schafer


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