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A Message from Elizabeth Jinks, Director of Office of Sponsored Research & Programs

The IRB is a vital part of ensuring the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research at MSU Denver. Faculty, staff, and community members volunteer significant and intensive university-level service that not only requires a deep understanding of federal and state regulations and university policies, but also application of those regulations and policies to maintain the utmost integrity of human subjects’ protection. Service on the Board includes (but is not limited to):

  • ?Attendance at monthly meetings which includes reasoned discussion and reviews - Board members attend approximately 6-8 full board meetings per academic year; these meetings may consist of full board reviews, routine training, policy discussions, and/or a variety of other issues as necessary. 
  • ?Individual reviews of approximately 10-12 protocols per academic year - Board members routinely review Expedited protocols on their own time either based upon quantity received and/or expertise required.? 
  • ?Full board reviews approximately 1-3 times per academic year - All board members are responsible for thoroughly reviewing protocols that have been recommended for full board review. 
  • ?Initial and on-going training - Board members are required to complete 30 IRB member-specific modules of CITI training, maintain these credentials, and participate in regular scenario training. 
  • Recruitment and assessment of new members (as needed) - Board members reach out to the university and the community to help fill in membership gaps; additionally, they utilize assessment tools to ensure new members will be a good "fit" for the Board.? 
  • Serve as "ambassadors" to MSU Denver's research community - Board members often help colleagues prepare protocols, may?present to departments, classes, or other groups about human subjects research ethics, represent at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference, and facilitate training sessions throughout the University. 

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