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Why Guadalajara? Why Mexico?

Guadalajara is an exciting city in which to live and study, the second largest city in Mexico, second to Mexico City, with six million people and offering a modern urban environment full of all the advantages of a modern city but without the complications of pollution and crime that affect parts of the country's capital.

Guadalajara was founded in 1542 and is known as the "City of the Roses". The city is the cradle of Mexican folklore and the traditional culture that is most representative of the nation: mariachi music, charrería and Tequila. The city enjoys a temperate climate that averages 27 degrees centigrade or 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Guadalajara is known worldwide for its traditional hospitality, with a wide variety of cultural and recreational attractions and delicious cuisine. But most of all, it is known for its people. Few cities can offer such a variety of interesting things to see and do, involving the visitors in a cultural, historical and legendary atmosphere.

Contemporary Guadalajara represents modern Mexico in the strength of its economic, industrial, commercial and service infrastructure, together with legacy of four and a half centuries of culture, endorsed by the richness of the religious and civil architecture.

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