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Grant Proposal

Name of Organization: Metropolitan State College of Denver (Metro State)

Beginning and Ending Dates of Program: September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2013

Proposed Theme: "Building Sustainable Study Abroad Capacity: Aksum University, Ethiopia."

Goal: A.2.a: U.S. Institutions with Substantial Experience Providing Study Abroad

Nature of Activity: MSU Denver faculty will work with Aksum University (AkU) in developing courses which meet requirements in Teacher Ed.-Social Studies, Anthropology, and Amharic. Focus on AkU faculty development, and enhancing AkU’s ability to serve study abroad students. Funding Level Requested: $381,096
Number and Description of Participants: 15 MSU Denver undergraduate financial aid students.

Wider Audience: Future Teacher Education students; future students of MSU Denver faculty; future study abroad students; AkU students; Children in Ethiopia; Denver Sister Cities, and Institute for International Education members, Current pupils and teachers in Denver area.

Geographic Diversity: All Ethiopia; Denver area

Fields Covered: Teacher Education (Social Studies); Anthropology; Amharic Language

Short Term Results: Development of three courses at AkU; Enhanced services at AkU; Student satisfaction; Significant learning; Mutual understanding and appreciation; Community service in Aksum and Denver; Pilot student participation in recruiting/orienting future cohorts.

Long Term: Mutual working relationship; School teachers will influence future generations; College faculty will influence subsequent learners; Participants in both countries will develop relationships which contribute to mutual understanding; Enhanced study abroad capability at MSU Denver and AkU; Increased study abroad enrollments; Improved international relationship.

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