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I would say if you're stuck between going and not going, just do it. It's a wonderful experience and I learned a lot not just about myself but others as well, and you see some incredible things. Mariah Russell, Czech Republic, Summer 2014



MSU Denver provides students with a wide variety of options for studying abroad. The Office of International Studies offers programs in over 60 countries, in nearly 150 areas of study, for any length of time from 10 days to a year. Courses are able to fulfill major and minor requirements in a range of disciplines, and electives. Each type of program is unique and operates differently. Depending on your wants and needs, you will work with a study abroad advisor to find the program type that suits your individual situation.

***Please note our office is transitioning to a new online system for program content and paperwork. During this transition, you will need to work directly with a study abroad advisor to make sure you complete appropriate forms.

These short-term study abroad courses are designed and led by MSU Denver Faculty. These programs are typically available Winterim, Maymester, Summer and Fall/Spring break, and last anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks. Courses are between 3 and 9 credits. Students must contact the faculty in charge with questions regarding the programs. Below are the most current MSU Denver Sponsored programs for this school year. Please check back regularly for updates, and contact information.


SOC 39AA China and Globalization with Dr. Ting Jiang-  * canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Maymester: May 18 - June 2 2020 


HIS 390 Medieval Spain, Portugal and Morocco with Dr. Paul Sidelko-  *canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Maymester 2020 


TTM Global Tourism- Vikings and Vineyards: Denmark & Germany with Professor Helle Sorensen- *canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Maymester: May 22 - June 5 2020

303-615-1235 |

SPS 390 Global Perspectives on Water Management- The Case of Perugia: Italy with Ms. Nona Shipman

Maymester 2021

303-352-7400 |


PSC 390 Costa Rica: Sustainability in Politics with Dr. Amy Eckert

Maymester 2021


NUT 3320 Food Systems of Peru with Professor Philip Skaff- *canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Maymester: May 17 -30 2020


EDU 3700 Educational and Cultural Experiences in Great Britain: United Kingdon with Professor Peg Fraser -*canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Maymester: May 14 - May 29 2020 


HIS 390 Creating New Pasts for the New Germanys with Professor Maestrejuan-*canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Maymester 2020


BUS 3010 Global Business Experience in China with Dr. Angelica Bahl- *canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

MBA 5710 Business Managment Experience in China with Dr. Angelica Bahl

Maymester: May 21 - June 6 2020


MUS 390L The Beatles: Music and Culture in the U.K. with Dr. Peter Schimpf- *canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Maymester 2020


MDL Spanish Language and Conversation: Spain with Professor Graham Ignizio

Summer: June 27 - August 3 2020

303-605-0611 | 


PSY 390U Culture Clash: The Psychology of Intergroup Conflict in Europe, Hungary with Professor Christopher Garris 

Summer: June 14 - 29 2020

303-615-0461 | 


EVT 390A Global Perspectives in Events in S. Korea and Japan with Professor Shawn Jung-*canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Summer: June 13 - July 4 2020 *Class can be taken alongside JMP 39XS 


JMP 39XS Social Documentary in S. Korea and Japan with Professor Steve Krizman- *canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Summer: June 13 - July 4 2020 *Class can be taken alongside EVT 390A


HIS 390 History of Cyprus & ANT 2710 Archaeological Field Research in Cyprus with Dr. Brandon Olson and Dr. Justn Stephens

Summer: May 15 - June 14 2020 | 


LAS 390C Place, Space, and the Creation of Identity: Understanding Self and Europe Through the Camino de Santiago Pilgimage, Spain with Dr. Lunden MacDonald

Summer 2021 


EDU 390-O Cultural & Field Experiences in Mexico with Dr. Peter Vigil 

Fall Break: November 22 - 30 2021

303-615-1274 |


HEAL 390A Health Institute: San Miguel, Mexico with Dr. Marcia Walsh-Aziz

Winterim: January 3 - 18 2021

303-615-1988 | 


BIO 400C Biology Field Experience, Tropical Field Biology: Costa Rica with Dr. Jennifer Gagliardi-Seeley and Dr. Christy Carello

Winterim: January 1-11 2021

303-615-3673 |


IND 490D International Design Workshop: S Korea with Professor Ted Shin

Winterim: January 3 - January 19 2021

303-615-1156 | 


 HSP 39AD Variable Topics- Study Abroad International Human Services: Scotland with Dr. Patrick Griswold- *canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Spring Break: March 19-27 2020 *this is part of a longer semester course



CJC 3820 Variable Topics- Study Abroad International Criminal Justice: Netherlands with Dr. Denise Mowder-*canceled.  Please check back for future offerings 

Spring Break: March 19-28 2020 *this is part of a longer semester course

303-615-0209 |   




MSU Denver students have the opportunity to enroll direclty at a handful of universities abroad. Students from select departments also have an opportunity to enter foreign institutions as exchange students. 


University of Pecs | Hungary *Direct enrollment

Academics available in English: Architecture, Engineering (civil, electrical), Computer Science, Mathematics, Business (general), Psychology, Political Science/International Relations, Legal Issues, Earth Sciences, History, Literature, Linguistics

Terms: Fall (Sept-Dec), Spring (Feb-June), Academic Year, Summer special programs may be available

Eligibility Requirements: 2.5 minimum gpa; 12 completed MSU Denver credits


Florence University of the Arts | Italy *Direct enrollment

Academics available in English: Hospitality, Food and Wine Studies, Sports and Health Sciences, Digital Media, Photography, Video Production, Visual Communication, Accessory Design And Technology, Fashion Design And Technology, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Communication And Publishing, Jewelry Design, Architectural Studies, Sustainable Architecture And Design, Interior And Visual Design, Product Design, Architectural Restoration and History Of Architecture, Fine Arts, School of Global Studies, Horticulture, Liberal Arts, Human Services, Professional Studies, Sciences and Mathematics, Accounting And Finance, Arts, Entertainment And Media, Decision Sciences, Economics, Entrepreneurship Resources, Management, Marketing, Convergence Media and Broadcastin, Publishing, Creative Advertising, Food Communications and Publishing, Mass Communication, Journalism, Italian Language and Literature

Terms: Fall (Aug-Dec), Spring (Jan-May), Academic Year, Summer (3, 4 or 6 week options May-Aug)

Eligibility Requirements: 2.75 minimum gpa; 12 completed MSU Denver credits


University of Nicosia, Global Semesters | Cyprus *Direct enrollment

Academics available in English: Accounting, Architecture, Art & Design, Banking & Finance, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Dance, Hospitality & Tourism, Humanities, International Relations, Language & Literature, Life & Health Sciences, Management, Marketing, Music, Psychology, Sciences & Engineering,  Social Sciences, Sports Science

Terms: Fall (Sept-Dec), Spring (Jan-June), Academic Year, Summer (June-July)

Eligibility Requirements: 2.5 minimum gpa; 12 completed MSU Denver credits


Fachhochschule Dortmund: University of Applied Sciences and Arts | Germany *Exchange

Academics available in English: International Business, Management

Academics available in German (B1 level or higher): Architecture, Design, Engineering (electical, mechanical), Computer Science

Terms: Fall (Sept-Feb), Spring (March-Aug) *due to the calendar students will take the following term off from MSU Denver or take late-start courses

Eligibility Requirements: 2.75 minimum gpa; 12 completed MSU Denver credits; German language skills for non-Business courses; Completed MSU Denver exchange application and nomination


Reykjavik University | Iceland *Exchange

Academics available in English: Psychology 

Terms: Fall (August - December)

Eligibility Requirements: 2.75 minimum gpa; Declared major or minor in Psychology; Junior or senior standing (strong sophomores can apply); Completed MSU Denver exchange application and nomination

MSU Denver collaborates with 3rd party organizations to create optimal study abroad experience for students. Programs can be short term (3 weeks) or full academic years. Many MSU Denver students use these programs because there are opportunities world-wide with all types of courses available. Each provider we work with is based in the US and has international offices and staff in every study abroad location. Resident directors are available to help with the student’s needs, from course registration to housing issues to natural disasters. All of our partnership programs are properly accredited and students will earn credit towards their degree. Students work directly with their MSU Denver study abroad advisor and program of choice to research options and complete application materials. 

To be eligible to study abroad with a program, students must first complete an application through MSU Denver. At the time of application, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled at MSU Denver
  • Have a 2.5 minimum GPA
  • Have 12 completed MSU Denver credits (not transfer credits)
  • Not plan to graduate the same semester abroad

*We understand that students have a variety of circumstances that might stop them from meeting each requirement, and there are processes students can follow to receive exceptions from the requirements. Contact a study abroad advisor.

**Students will also have to meet the basic eligibility requirements of their program choice, and those can be different than MSU Denver's requirements (higher GPA's, student level, completed coursework, etc.) 

Partnership Program List

University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC) | The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) | SOL Education Aboard | School for International Training (SIT) | Semester at Sea | School for Field Studies (SFS) | Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) | Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI) | International Studies Abroad (ISA) | IFSA-Butler | Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) | International Business Seminars Tours (IBS) | Global Semesters (GLS) | European Study Abroad Center (ESAC) | Center for International Studies (CIS) | Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) | CEA abroad | CAPA | Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (BSAE) | Academic Programs International (API) | American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) | Academic Studies Abroad (ASA)

Occasionally students find a study abroad with which we are not associated. If this is the case, students are encouraged to meet with a study abroad advisor to learn how the proposed study may or may not work at MSU Denver. A study abroad advisor can provide accurate information about receiving credit and financial resources. While we work with students who pursue opportunities outside of MSU Denver approved programs, we cannot make any guarantees that their credits will transfer back to MSU Denver or that they can access financial aid. 

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