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International Business Concentration

Concentration in International Business

The International Business Concentration offers business majors an opportunity to add an international component to their degree program. It provides basic information to students to help them gain entry into international business positions.

The International Business Concentration will provide business students with detailed information about the functions of business that play an important role in the international business arena.

Students must complete each course in the concentration with a grade of “C-” or better. The courses cannot be taken pass/fail. Some courses in the concentration have prerequisites which must be satisfied. These prerequisites do not count toward the completion of the concentration. A course applied to a student’s major degree program cannot be applied toward the International Business Concentration requirements. A student must complete at least thirteen (13) upper-division semester hours in courses applied toward the International Business Concentration in residency at MSU Denver.

Required Courses

Students must select 12 semester hours from the following courses, with no more than two courses in a single prefix. At least one course must be MGT 3820 or MKT 3710. (Courses have prerequisites that must be satisfied.)

  • ACC 3750 - International Accounting Credits: 3

  • ECO 3550 - Global Economics and International Trade Credits: 3

  • ECO 3700 - Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa Credits: 3

  • ECO 4450 - International Macroeconomics Credits: 3

  • FIN 3100 - International Money and Finance Credits: 3

  • MGT 3230 - International Business Law Credits: 3

  • MGT 3820 - International Business Credits: 3

  • MGT 3850 - Global Entrepreneurship Credits: 3

  • MKT 3710 - International Marketing Credits: 3

    Subtotal: 12 credits

    Plus a minimum of 6 semester hours from the following courses:


    • Approved international business internship*
    • Approved business study abroad
    • Foreign language course

    Subtotal: 6 credits


    Total for the International Business Concentration: 18 credits


    International Business Concentration


    Course Title
    MGT 3820 International Business
    ECO 3550 The International Economy
    MKT 3710 International Marketing
    FIN 3100 International Money and Finance*
      Total Required course hours

    Plus 6 hours from the following courses

    Course Title
    ECO 4450 International Trade and Finance
    ANT 1310 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    ANT 2330 Cross-Cultural Communication (1)
    ANT 3300 Exploring World Cultures (2)
    GEG 1000 World Regional Geography
    HIS 2010 Contemporary World History
    HIS 3350 Countries/Regions of the World
    PSC 3030 Introduction to International Relations
    PSC 3320 International Law(3)
    PSC 3600 Comparative Politics Area Studies
    XXX Internship/Directed Study(4)
      Total semester hours
      One full academic year of study of any one foreign language(5)
      Total credit hours

    *The Finance Department recommends that students take this course after they have completed ECO 3550 and MGT 3820.

    1. fulfills the multicultural requirement
    2. prerequisite: ANT 1310
    3. prerequisite: PSC 3030
    4. three hours maximum and must have significant academic/directed study component and meet all approved School of Business guidelines for internships.
    5. Foreign language competency gained through other than college credit will be assessed by the Brigham Young University Competency and Placement Examination (CAPE). Contact the assessment/testing center for further details, 303-556-3677.



    Cannot be a job the student is currently doing. Must be approved by the College of Business Dean.

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