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Self-Paced Online Courses

Self-Paced Online (SPO) courses allow students more flexibility to complete MSU Denver credits, giving them the opportunity to work at their own pace without worrying about frequent deadlines and check-ins. Marrying the best of content and technology, SPOs are designed to fit busy schedules.

There are no required on-campus meetings.

For more information about SPO courses and policies, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

SPO courses are conducted online in Blackboard Learning. Students login to view their syllabus, list of required texts, and instructions on how to complete coursework. Assignments and exams are evaluated by the instructor. Communication is via Blackboard Learning or email.

Students have either 18-weeks or six months to complete coursework for Fall and Spring semesters. During the Summer, students have 12-weeks to complete.

The courses are fully accredited.

*Note, Beginning Fall 2020, SPO formats will convert from the 21-week to an 18-week format that follows the traditional semester schedule. 

  • Courses can fit into busy schedules, family responsibilities, or work obligations.
  • SPO courses encompass a wide-variety of required and elective classes for Bachelor’s degrees.

For more information, please call 303-721-1313 or email

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