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A newborn baby in a NICU

Breast Milk Infant Formula Technician Training

Breast Milk and Formula Technicians are responsible for providing nutritional services through preparing and distributing human milk, formula feedings, and maintaining formula labs in NICUs and/or pediatric floors of hospitals.

This 16-hour noncredit course provides specialized for technicians to increase confidence and capacity and decrease errors. Technicians receive training in every aspect of proper human milk and formula preparation based on infant feeding guidelines from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, including:

  • Basic mathematics
  • Medical terminology formula ratios
  • Calorie mix
  • Aseptic handling techniques
  • Inventory control
  • Customer service

The certificate is a self-paced online course over eight weeks. Students may complete the course as quickly as possible, or take up to eight weeks. The certificate curriculum includes discussion boards, reading, projects, and quizzes. There is no formal exam for completion.

After completing the certificate, students are eligible to receive 1.6 continuing education units.

The Infant Formula Technician Training course was developed by Jennifer Bolton, Ph.D., RDN to meet the growing need for trained professionals in infant feed preparation. Dr. Bolton is currently in her 17th year of teaching for the MSU Denver Department of Nutrition. 

Class Schedule

Registration for Spring 2020 is now open and closes on April 1, 2020. Students have until May 1, 2020 to complete the class. It will take approximately 16 hours (about two to three weeks) to complete.

For more information

For questions regarding registration, tuition, award documents, or refunds contact Innovative and Lifelong Learning at 303-721-1313 or

For questions regarding course content, advising, or instruction please contact Jennifer Bolton at 303-556-3134 or

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