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MSU Denver South


General Information

MSU Denver South Campus

Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 8:45pm
Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday 8:30am - 3:00pm (Saturday hours may vary.)

Please contact MSU Denver South Campus for hours during breaks and holidays at


We offer classes during the day, evenings and Saturdays with the vast majority of classes during the evening and Saturday.


Application and Registration for Credit

To take courses for academic credit at the South Campus, you must apply under the normal procedures of Metropolitan State University of Denver. You can find an application at MSU Denver Admissions. Applications are also available at the MSU Denver South Campus.

Registration for a credit course is contingent upon acceptance to the University. Once accepted to the University, you will be instructed to register through the Student Hub.

If you are a current student you can log into your Student Hub account and register like you would any other class using the CRN provided in the schedule.

Academic advising is not available at South Campus. Please contact the Academic Advising Center at 303-556-3680, or click here to view the Academic Advising Center website.

Yes, you still have to apply if you want to receive academic credit for the course. Please complete the application for Admissions. Applications are also available at the MSU Denver South Campus. Once you are accepted to the University you will be instructed to register through the Student Hub.


Auditing and Metro Meritus 

Students may audit a class with the permission of the instructor and if seating is available. Academic credit is not awarded for an audited course and no academic record is maintained. Students may audit a course at MSU Denver South Campus by completing the Audit Approval Form and submitting the forma as directed. Tuition for auditing a course is $95 per semester hour. For more information, please contact us at 303-721-1313. For an Extended Campus Audit Approval Form, click here.

Individuals 60 years or older who do not wish to earn college credit are invited to attend tuition-free classes of their choice on a space-available basis. For more information contact the Center for Individualized Learning at 303-556-8342. Click here for an application for the Metro Meritus program.


Books and Supplies

Yes, scantrons and blue books are available at MSU Denver South Campus. These may be purchased at the Student Information Desk (Room LL06) on the lower level.

No, please purchase your books in advance of class at the Tivoli Station Bookstore located at the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria Campus. Books can also be purchased on-line and delivered to your home through the Tivoli Station website.  Outside book distributors may be an alternative option.


Computer Labs

The software programs in the computer labs at MSU Denver South Campus are the same programs that are on the Main (Auraria) campus. The labs are linked directly to the Main campus.

MSU Denver South Campus

Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 8:45pm
Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday 8:30am - 3:00pm (Saturday hours may vary.)

Please contact MSU Denver South Campus for hours during breaks and holidays at


Yes, printing is available at MSU Denver South Campus.


Parking and Light Rail Access

No, there is plenty of free parking at MSU Denver South Campus.

MSU Denver South Campus is just one block west of the Orchard Road Light Rail Station.  Trains serve the Orchard Road Light Rail Station at fifteen-minute intervals.  The ride from the Auraria Campus to the South Campus (and vice-versa) is approximately 30 minutes.

To get to MSU Denver South Campus from the Orchard Station walk directly west approximately 200 yards to the Triad North Building, 5660 Greenwood Plaza Blvd.


Student Employment

Yes, student positions are available at the MSU Denver South Campus. Check the Student Employment Page for opportunities.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition for South Campus courses is the current “students share of tuition,” plus the Extended Campus fee of $49 per credit hour, the immunization fee, and the Metro State bond fee. Students new to MSU Denver will also pay a one-time matriculation fee.

Students attending classes at the South Campus do not pay all of the on-campus fees. However, there is an off-campus fee charged per semester hour. Click here to see the tuition and fees for on-campus and off.

The South Campus division of MSU Denver does not receive state support to offer courses.  The fee is used to pay for off-campus facilities, classroom enhancements, computer lab, student lounge, and Wi-Fi access.

Many of the courses at the South Campus are not eligible for the COF/Stipend. However, the student’s out of pocket cost for tuition for the course is still the same as if the course was eligible for the COF/Stipend. Students are not required to pay the COF/Stipend amount. Click here to view Tuition and Fees for Extended Campus.

AT MSU Denver, undergraduate students* pay the same tuition for 12 to 18 credit hours, if they take all their classes on the same campus.**  This could mean six free credits!  The more credits you take, the cheaper your education – and the faster you’ll graduate.  (Please refer to the Tuition and Fees Tables for South Campus [].)

*This only applies to resident students (COF stipend must be applied) or non-resident students.  WICHE-WUE students do not qualify for #6forfree.

**Same campus means:

  • All Main Campus courses;
  • A mix of Main Campus and Online courses; or
  • All South Campus courses (South Campus)


Additional Resources

MSU Denver is committed to making reasonable accommodations to assist individuals with disabilities in reaching their academic potential.  If you have a disability which may impact your performance, attendance, or grades in this class and are requesting accommodations, then you must first register with the Access Center, located in the Plaza Building, Suite 122 303-556-8387.

The Access Center is the designated department responsible for coordinating accommodations and services for students with disabilities.  Accommodations will not be granted prior to receipt of your faculty notification letter from the Access Center.  Please note that accommodations are not provided retroactively (i.e., prior to the receipt of your faculty notification letter.)  Once the Self-Paced Distance Learning Office (MSU Denver South) has received your official Access Center faculty notification letter, we will discuss your needs and make appropriate arrangements for your accommodations.  All discussions will remain confidential. Further information is available by visiting the Access Center website.

The Library offers a variety of tools to help you find the resources you need. The Library streaming videos collection contains many resources relevant for homework assignments.

Auraria Library
1100 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80204

To order transcripts, change your name, or update your address please log onto your Student Hub account and select the desired option from the My Services/Registration tab.


You may also contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-556-3991, or write to this address:


MSU Denver Office of the Registrar
PO Box 173362, Campus Box 84
Denver, CO 80217-3362


Name Changes: Please include a photocopy of the legal document that changes your name (court order, marriage license, etc.)

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MSU Denver South Campus

5660 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 303-721-1313
Fax: 303-220-1787

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