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The continuous demand for building and renovating buildings, roads, and other structures means people are needed to fill various construction jobs. The construction industry in Colorado continues to grow and is expected to have approximately 197,000 jobs by 2025.

Introduction to Construction Project Management exposes learners to building design, project management, and facilities management. The course allows learners to identify their areas of interest to continue their academic career or get a job.

Course description

Introduction to Construction Project Management studies the life cycle concepts that describe the built environment from programming and design to operations and ultimately disposal. This includes the project management life cycle and then what happens after you hand off the project.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the functional areas and competencies of building design
    • Compare the construction types and their uses
    • Correctly identify key elements from a set of drawings
  • Understand the functional areas and competencies of project management
    • Define project management
    • Identify the five phases of project management
    • Compare contract types and their uses
    • Summarize the basics of a schedule and identify the critical path in a schedule
    • Explain the concepts of change management and its importance to project management
    • List the steps needed to close out and properly hand off a project upon completion
  • Understand the functional areas and competencies of facilities management
    • Summarize the life cycle of a building
    • Summarize the concept of facility management, and its impact on building life cycle

Competencies to be gained:

  • Read and comprehend building drawings
  • Able to implement the project management process into a construction job
  • Able to identify the critical path of a schedule

Construction career pathways

After taking the course, the learner can immediately enter the workforce, or continue on their academic career to increase earning potential.

Pathway 1: Enter the workforce quickly. Complete the Introduction to Construction Project Management course and immediately enter the workforce with job titles like apprentice, foreman, project manager assistant, and production assistant. Some experience may be needed.

  • The median salary is $35,200 a year.

Pathway 2: Continue your academic career to get a degree in Construction Project Management, which will allow you to increase your earning potential. The Introduction to Construction Project Management course can count toward the degree’s required classes. Job titles include project manager, superintendent, production manager, and project estimator.

  • The median salary is $63,000 a year.


Approximate return on investment for each pathway

Pathways of noncredit construction course. Explained in content

About the course


Introduction to Construction Project Management course

  • Registration opens – November 1, 2021
  • Class starts – February 1, 2022
  • Last day to register – March 1, 2022
  • Class ends – April 1, 2022


  • Registration opens – March 1, 2022
  • Registration closes – April 14, 2022
  • Credit-by-exam must be completed – May 14, 2022


Introduction to Construction Project Management course

  • The course is $395, with a $35 transaction fee per payment. There are no books to purchase.


  • If you choose to convert the noncredit class to credit, you will take a Credit-by-exam. The cost is $122, and there is no transaction fee.

What do I receive after I pass the course?

After successfully completing the Introduction to Construction Project Management course, you will receive a certificate of completion, and a digital badge that will be embedded with the competencies learned. You can include this badge on your resume, LinkedIn page, portfolio, or share it with an employer.

About the instructor

Carolyn has over 15 years of experience in facility and project management for city and federal governments, utility companies, tech companies, and as a third-party contractor. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Facility Management with a minor in Business Management, a Master’s degree in Project Management, and several professional credentials over the years.

Carolyn has facilitated several credentials courses the last five years for adult learners. She started as an affiliate instructor for the MSU Denver Construction Program in Fall 2020. She has a passion for the built environment and helping students thrive in this career path.

Headshot of Carolyn McGary


Frequently asked questions

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