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Presidential Inauguration


The MSU Denver community celebrated the Inauguration of President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., Sept. 4-7, 2018. The celebration included nine events over four days, ranging from panel discussions on hot topics in higher education to a ribbon-cutting for the University’s beer labs. The week culminated in an Investiture ceremony, in which Davidson was officially installed as president.


On this page, you’ll find highlights from the Inauguration, including videos of the public events, a photo gallery and much more.

Week of Events


Well wishes

Congratulations one the beginning of an amazing journey with MSU Denver!

Michelle Baros, proud MSU Denver student

The Africana Studies Department congratulates Dr. Davidson on completing her first year as MSU Denver President! Dr. Davidson's commitment to students underscores the nature and spirit of MSU Denver's core values of "community, access, diversity, respect, and entrepreneurship."

Douglas Mpondi, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Africana Studies Department

Congratulations on a dynamic first year. We are delighted to see that you have a deep understanding and appreciation for the very special place MSU Denver has in the world of higher ed, and the mission of transformation for so many students' lives and the community at large. It's a privilege to be a member of the Alumni and a representative to the Board of Trustees, and an honor to work with you for MSU's amazing growth and success.

Judy George, Business Owner and MSU Denver Alumna

Congratulations, Madam President. It was a pleasure to meet and speak to you when the occasion presented itself. Wishes for continued success in your new role serving the needs of the students at MSU Denver.

Michael Holowecki, MSU Denver supporter

Many thanks for your wonderful work in supporting our students and their success!

April Peterson, Assistant Director, Career Services

Dr. Davidson, it has been a fabulous first year with you as our President. Keep being adventurous, having fun, and putting our students first. We appreciate you!

Lauren Sullivan, Director of Veteran and Military Student Services

My spouse, 2 grown children and I are proud MSU Denver grads. Our lives and opportunities were forged at the University. May your leadership propel hundreds of thousands of future MSU Denver families into a future only quality education can provide. Best wishes to you and the whole metro family as you launch the next chapters.

Karyn Huffman, CFO, Lutheran Community Services Northwest

Thank you for standing up for the Hispanic community, and giving us the tools to succeed in higher education and in the real world, keep fighting for all of us!!!

Kenneth Madrid, Accounting Specialist & Financial Metrics Analyst

Congrats to Dr. Davidson. As a local employer, we are excited about her vision to connect businesses with students to grow our community from within the community. Your leadership is much appreciated!

Michelle Barnes, CEO - Food Bank of the Rockies

Dear President Davidson, We at the Department of Political Science wish you the very best as we embark on a new academic year. We are looking forward to working with you and our colleagues to serve our students better by preparing them well for post-graduate education and exciting careers. We are grateful to you for your leadership in pursuit of excellence, diversity, inclusivity and professionalism. We extend to you, Dr. Davidson, our sincere congratulations on your inauguration as President of our great university.

Robert Hazan, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Political Science

Congratulations on finishing your first wonderful year at MSU Denver. I am proud of your dedication and integrity for the institution. Look forward to serving many more years under your direction.

Kishore Kulkarni, Distinguished professor of economics

As a faculty member, I've seen how Dr. Davidson connects and engages with the vision and mission of MSU Denver. As a veteran, I have also witnessed Dr. Davidson use the skills we learn in the military to help transform lives. Dr. Davidson embodies all things good about leadership and success. Carry on!

Jen Bradford, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Congrats President Davidson! We have your back!

Paul Cesare, Assistant Director for Veteran and Military Student Recruitment

We were at the Sabor event sponsored by the Hispanic Chamber of Colorado when the direcotor of Denver Health asked where I worked. I proudly said MSU Denver and she responded "your new president is sharp and very energetic she is getting things done". Dr. Davidson has positively impacted MSU Denver's reputation around our community I am proud to have her as the face of our amazing university! Flying high in the mile hi, Go Dr. Davidson!

Laura Padilla-Pater, Coordinator Concurrent Enrollment/ASCENT

Dear Dr. Davidson, I am so grateful for your support of our diverse student community--especially our DACA and undocumented students, our first generation students, and our hungry and homeless students. Thank you for your encouragement and protection of our most vulnerable.

Randi Smith, Professor, Psychology

Janine - Again, welcome to our Urban Public University - I wanted to let you know officially how impressed I am with your immediate understanding of and focus on two top priorities to date (in addition to all that is otherwise required to lead MSU): (1.) Holistic & sustainable funding for the University's future (Lots to be done) and (2.) the C2 Hub that advances MSU's DNA of work force development (re-emphasizing our core mission). I am 100% in support of your focus !!! Jim Mulligan

Jim Mulligan, Semi-retired & Owner - Principal of Cosmo Real Estate LLC

It's great to have you here at MSU Denver - welcome. Thank you for investing so much time and effort into getting to know the different areas and the people there. I've been here a long time and it has been great to see and be a part of the maturing of MSU Denver. I'm ever optimistic but especially now with a president with your depth of leadership background. Thank you for all you do!

Bryan Ferguson, Associate Director, Campus Recreation, Outdoor Pursuits and Leadership

Cheers to year one and many more!

S. Leone Dick, Chief of Staff to the VP for Administration
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