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What are the prerequisites for Practicum and Internship?


 Prerequisites for Practicum:

  • HSP 1010—Introduction to Human Services and Community Resources
  • HSP 2020—Small Group Dynamics*
  • HSP 2030—Theory and Practice of Counseling*
  • HSP 2070—Pre-field Seminar
  • HSP 3330—Ethical and Legal Issues in Human Services
  • All General Studies

* In place of HSP 2020 and HSP 2030, nonprofit students take: 

  • HSP 2010 Intro to High Impact Nonprofit Organizations; and
  • HSP 3210 Organizing and Advocacy for Social Change or HSP 4450 Nonprofit Financial Management and Financing


Prerequisites for Internship: 

Please see the field coordinator or the department chair if your catalog year is prior to 2010. We also strongly suggest that you’ve had HSP 3490 Multicultural Issues in Human Services and at least two classes from your concentration area.

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