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Criteria for the field supervisor


The field supervisor must have a master’s degree in Human Services, Social Work, Counseling, Behavioral or Social Sciences or a related field. An exception to this requirement may be made if the supervisor has the appropriate professional experience and expertise to create a positive learning environment for the student. Students must ask the field coordinator for an exception to the master’s degree requirement and may need you to forward them your current resume.

In addition, the supervisor must have the time and make the commitment to complete all the necessary paperwork and provide training, weekly supervision, support for developing a learning contract, and evaluation for the student.

Students who are seeking hours towards the Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) Level I must be supervised by an individual with a CAC III or Licensed Addictions Counselor (LAC) in order for those hours to count toward certification.

Students who are seeking state approval to work with domestic violence offenders must be supervised by a state approved Domestic Violence Clinical Supervisor.

The field supervisor must also:

•Fill out all paperwork required by department in a timely fashion;

•Facilitate student participation in appropriate learning activities;

•Answer questions and provide guidance to support student success;

•Participate in one or two site visits with the student and seminar instructor;

•Contact the seminar instructor with any questions or concerns during the placement;

Report any problems or concerns to the field coordinator and seminar instructor immediately.

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