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Do you help with finding a placement?


It is your responsibility to secure a field placement site; however, the Pre-Field Seminar is designed to assist you with this process. It is essential to begin looking for a site several weeks in advance of your Practicum or Internship class. A good place to start this process is on the TIP database ( You will automatically be registered for the TIP database in your Pre-Field Seminar class.

Feel free to schedule a meeting with the field coordinator if you are struggling to find a placement after you’ve applied and interviewed through the TIP process. You must have a placement site by the date provided by the field coordinator (generally two weeks prior to the start of classes). The field coordinator approves placement sites and you must have an approved placement site by the first week of class. If you do not have a site by the first week of class, the field coordinator has the right to administratively drop you from the class. 

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