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Information for students

The Department of Human Services and Counseling offers online assistance for all our current students. Here's what you'll find:

Graduate programs

A graduate degree opens doors to career opportunities and advancement in the field of human services.

We have provided links to local graduate programs in counseling, social work, nonprofit studies, and related degrees.


MSU Denver offers a variety of programs and services to support your academic success and personal growth while you are a student. In addition, learn more about professional organizations as well as state and federal agencies related to the field.

Field Experience

The field experience lies at the heart of the degree. You will complete 750 hours of experience in the field through a Practicum and Internship class designed so that you can put in to action the theories and skills you learned in the classroom.

Professional Standards

Given the professional nature of the degree, you are expected to live up to professional and ethical standards to be successful in the field. We have a policy and process in place to support you to stay on track to success.

Human Service Board Certification

Learn more about a national certification in the field of human services that was developed through a collaboration between:

  • National Organization for Human Services
  • Council for Standards in Human Service Education
  • Center for Credentialing & Education

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