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Bachelor of Science in Human Services

A strong desire to help people is fundamental to entering the human services field.  If the desire is there, the possibilities are endless as your passion to help people is transformed into a rewarding career.  Human Services professions are becoming more and more criticial to communities and the welfare of it's citizens.

A degree in Human Services is an interdisciplinary degree that provides students with a foundation for better understanding how social structures are created and how people operate within those systems. Students are also taught how to conceptualize, develop, plan and implement programs that would address the social and economic issues in a community.  It is also important that students learn how to connect with clients in order to help them access services and programs that address their needs.  Upon graduation, students have gained the practical knowledge that is necessary when professionally assisting individuals, families and communities.

A graduare from our program can work in a variety of settings such as leading group activities, providing counseling or crisis intervention, and administering food banks or emergency programs.  Also, working in a treatment and recovery facilities or meet with adults (or adolescent) who need help with life-planning strategies and daily-living skills are only two of some many possible career paths.  In these roles, professionals provide support to people of various backgrounds, evaluating the needs of their clients to help them connect with appropriate service

The average yearly salary for recent graduates is $31,810 to $56,310.  With a strong projected job growth, careers in Human Services continue to remain in high demand.  Employment is expected to grow by 17% through 2029 for Human Services professions.  This is significantly higher than the average job growth in other sectors.

B.S. in Human Services Core coursework  
HSP 1010 - Introduction to Human Services 3
HSP 1020 - Introduction to Trauma Informed Care
HSP 2010 - Intro to High Impact Nonprofit Organizations 3
HSP 2070 - Pre-Field Placement Seminar 1
HSP 3330 - Ethical and Legal Issues in the Human Services 3
HSP 3490 - Multicultural Issues in Human Services 4
HSP 3560 - Motivational Interviewing 2
HSP 3710 - Research Methods and Program Evaluation 4
HSP 4770 - Human Services Internship I 8
Total: 31


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