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Exercise Science Internship

The internship is the capstone of the Exercise Science degree program. 

The internship opportunity exists to:

  • Assist students in making a successful transition from the classroom to the professional work environment

  • Validate the student’s academic knowledge

  • Help the student develop a professional career orientation

Important Internship Registration Information

  • Internship Applications can be submitted to Dr. Quatrochi or to the HPS front office in PE 217.
  • Registration for EXS 4880 (internship) will be by permission of instructor only.
  • Preference will be given to those who submit complete packets early!  The date and time of submission will be recorded upon submission.

Criteria for Internship Applicants

The internship experience is available to the student meeting the following eligibility requirements:

  • Declared major in Human Performance and Sport with emphasis in  Exercise Science;

  • Senior standing with 100% of the Exercise Science course requirements completed;

  • (Major) Grade point average of 2.75;

  • Current CPR and Advanced First Responder card prior to starting the internship; and

  • Submission of Degree Progress Report.

Internship Manual

Please read the Exercise Science Internship Manual prior to attending the mandatory internship meeting.

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