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Exercise Science Internship

The internship is the capstone of the Exercise Science degree program. 

The internship opportunity exists to:

  • Assist students in making a successful transition from the classroom to the professional work environment

  • Validate the student’s academic knowledge

  • Help the student develop a professional career orientation

Steps to secure an Internship in Exercise Science (EXS 4880)

  1. Submit a "request" (Link from Teams) to be added to the Microsoft Teams Excercise Science Pre-Internship group
  2. Review the entire Exercise Science Internship Manual and watch a recorded "ES Pre-Internship Meeting" on the Teams page.
  3. Determine if you are eligible.
    1. Are you a declared major in Excercise Science of Human Performance and Sport with a concentration in Adult Fitness & Excercise Science (previous title)?
    2. Do you have a senior standing and have 100% of the Excercise Science course requirements completed?
    3. Do you have a major grape point average of at least 2.75?
    4. Do you hold a current CPR or First Responder certification? If you answer yes, to these criteria move on to #4!
  4. Confirm your eligibility by meeting with  an Excercise Science faculty member
  5. Secure an internship with an eligible agency (EXS internship excel file)
  6. Complete the online Excercise Science Internship Application (Internship application prior to the posted application deadlines
    • Please see your instructor for the password to access the application
  7. Register!

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