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Alternative Transportation

There are many ways to travel to and from MSU Denver. Here are some alternative modes of transportation besides public transportation.

Denver locals utilize these ride and car sharing services: 

Biking is an easy mode of transportation. Denver has numerous bike paths and a large biking community. Visit Auraria‚Äôs homepage to learn about the benefits of biking and to register your bicycle today:

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When biking Denver remember to bring your SASS:

  • Safe: Wear a helmet.
  • Awareness: Auraria campus prohibits biking on pedestrian walkways. Not abiding by this may result in a ticket. Other locations may also have similar rules, be aware of the regulations in your surroundings.
  • Secure: Lock your bike with a u-lock (to help avoid theft).
  • Savvy: You can also combine your bike commute with public transit. RTD provides services to accommodate bicyclists.
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