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Denver Neighborhood Guide

This page has been designed to provide you with information on the various neighborhoods in Denver. While looking at the various neighborhoods, it is important to take into consideration how close, or far away, resources are such as a grocery store, hospital, gas station, train station, RTD stop, parks, or restaurants.

The Denver Post is an excellent source for local, regional, and national news. Here' an article discussing the different neighborhoods, where they are located in Denver, and favorite places and best kept secrets:

Here's a link that will help you determine what is walkable from your home:

We also urge all students to take a look at he crime statistics for each neighborhood:


Neighborhoods include:

Downtown Denver 
Zip Code-80202

Cherry Creek 
Zip Code-80206

Capitol Hill and Golden Triangle 
Zip Code-80203, 80218, 80204

Zip Code-80202, 80205

Zip Code-80211, 80212

Santa Fe Art District 
Zip Code-80204

Five Points 
Zip Code-80205

River North (RiNo) Arts District 
Zip Code-80216

South Federal 
Zip Code-80219, 80223

East Colfax 
Zip Code-80206, 80220

Washington Park 
Zip Code-80209

South Broadway 
Zip Code-80223, 80209

Zip Code-80230, 80220


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