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Property Management Companies

Property management companies are a fantastic resource to find a place to live. These businesses typically manage apartment complexes and in some instances town homes. Property management companies will typically negotiate contracts for the following: facilities management, security, groundkeeping, trash and recycling removal, and more. 

Each property management company has their own application process and fee to apply. The following is a list of property management companies in the Denver Metro area. Please contact the property management directly to find an apartment, house, and ask any questions regarding applications and fees.

Metropolitan State University of Denver is a non-residential commuter campus. This means we do not provide on-campus housing to our students. 

Note: MSU Denver does not endorse any of these companies.

Company Phone
Acute Property Management 303-862-5446
All County Denver Metro Property Management 720-575-6100
Alpha Dimension Properties Inc 303-475-5500
Ann Lampert Realty Inc. 303-388-2437
Bergan & Company Realty Management 303-694-5116
City Property Managers 303-422-7926
Cityscape Real Estate, LLC - Metro Brokers 303-288-2400
Cobalt Creek Property Management 720-613-0010
Colorado Realty & Property Management, Inc. 303-665-7368
Cornerstone Apartment Services, Inc. 303-333-1999
Deer Woods Real Estate Management 303 756-3300
Denver Realty Group 303-502-7333
Denver Rental 303-682-3900
East West Urban Management 720-904-6904
Echo Summit Property Management  303-768-8255
Evolve Real Estate Property Management 720-800-6390
Four Star Realty & Property Management of Denver 303-999-3876
HighPoint Property Management 720-644-4323
Integrity Realty and Management, INC. 303-847-0151
Keyrenter Property Management 720-739-3000
Laramar Group 303-991-0094
Legacy Property Management in Metro Denver 720-445-9515
Metro Denver Management, Inc. 303-893-4310
Nomad Denver Properties 303-479-3750
Pillar Property Services LLC 303-390-9161
Precision Homes Property Management 720-441-3661
Queen City Property Management 303-638-5236
Real Property Management 303-873-7368
Red Peak 303-321-7325
Rivendell Real Estate, LLC 303-475-5500
Smith Real Estate Inc. 303-531-5540
Wheelhouse Apartments 303-399-3939
Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management 720-724-9794



This information is solely intended as a service to MSU Denver students and those persons affiliated with the University. The University does not endorse or recommend any specific landlord, individual property owner, property management company, or individual person and inclusion of any listing should not be construed as such. MSU Denver does not inspect any of the properties listed or available on this resource list and does not guarantee nor warranty, either express or implied, the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or reliability of any listed property or information associated therewith. While all efforts have been made to include correct and current information, MSU Denver cannot guarantee the availability of any listings beyond the original date of posting and the information listed is subject to change without further notice. MSU Denver does not warrant that the use of any information contained in a listing is free of any claims of copyright infringement.

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