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School of Hospitality, Events, and Tourism

The School of HEaT is uniquely situated in the center of downtown Denver's hospitality industry.

The Hospitality industry is the second-largest industry in Colorado. Everyone eats, drinks, sleeps, and interacts with others in the hospitality industry. Our programs are specifically designed to facilitate the above activities, arm you with skills in the latest technology, educate you, and assist you in effective delivery of all areas of this dynamic concentration. When you graduate from our program you can be confident you are well prepared to enter the hospitality industry.

Our program is ever changing to meet the student's needs. We are continuing to add online courses, as well as weekend and night courses. Our faculty have years of actual experience. They continue to update their education and are an active part of the hospitality industry.

Please take a moment to check out our website, or come in to the Hospitality Learning Center, room 209. We would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you might have.


The mission of the School of Hospitality, Events is to provide demonstrated leadership and excellence in its baccalaureate, professional and technical programs and to render service to the students, citizens, and hospitality industry of the State of Colorado. The School of Hospitality, Events provides flexible and individualized interdisciplinary major programs with concentrations to include hotel, restaurant, and tourism events management.


  1. Provide instruction and professional assistance to students.
  2. Assist students in the development of professionalism and an attitude of continued professional growth and individual development.
  3. Assist students to recognize their responsibilities as members of the hospitality industry and society.
  4. Prepare students for graduate study in Hospitality, Tourism, Beverage and Brewery Operations, Restaurant Operations, and Events, or their related fields.
  5. Provide seminars and workshops for the hospitality industry within Colorado and beyond.
  6. Conduct applied research in the field of hospitality.
  7. Increase the quality and accessibility of hospitality education to citizens of Colorado and beyond.
  8. Provide professional assistance to the hospitality industry and citizens of Colorado.

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