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School of Hospitality

The School of Hospitality is uniquely situated in the center of downtown Denver's hospitality industry.

Our programs are specifically designed to give you innovative leadership skills, arm you with the latest technology, and effectively educate you. When you graduate from our program, you can be confident you will be well prepared to start your career in the hospitality industry.

Our program is ever changing to meet the student's needs.  Our faculty have years of actual experience and they continue be an active part of the hospitality industry.

Please take a moment to come in to the Hospitality Learning Center (1190b Auraria Pkwy), room 209 on MSU Denver's campus. We would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you might have.


Our Mission is...

to cultivate a community of learning that prepares students for leadership roles, addressing local and global opportunities in the Hospitality Industry.   



Our Shared Values...

reflect a foundation of respect for the leadership skills necessary for our graduates to provide a quality hospitality experience for customers, balanced with respect for ourselves, our resources, and the effect of our decisions on the environment, our diverse teams, and the community to which we serve.



Our Vision is to Provide...

An image of words.  The words form the acronym ROGUE, and are Relevant, Open-Minded, Global, Unconventional, Education


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