MSU Denver

A Welcome from Our Dean, Christian Hardigree, J.D.


My name is Dr. Christian Hardigree, and I am honored to serve as the founding dean of this amazing School that houses four degree programs, two concentrations, a minor, and two certificates. As one of the newest Roadrunners in the marathon, what I find most exciting is the genuine passion, the sense of pride, and the incredible adaptability that our faculty, staff, and students display at MSU Denver.

I want to be the first to tell you that we are a university community unlike any other. At MSU Denver, we are preparing the next generation of leaders, and we want all our graduates to be known for their scholarly acumen, values leadership, applied learning, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our approach is one of Relevant, Open-minded, Global, Unconventional Education – students Go ROGUE with Us!  Our graduates are a highly-valued commodity when they launch into their career pathway or proceed to graduate school.

Things are intentionally different here in the School of Hospitality. The community our students experience here is unparalleled, and that’s the chief reason why many students choose MSU Denver. They want a community that is actually invested in their success. You’ll find that here.

Our priority in the School of Hospitality is, and always will be, student success. Students. Students. Students.  As dean, my goal is to help make sure our students are in the best possible position to succeed. With the help of our dynamic faculty and staff who work to serve our students well every day – and the 5,000+ alumni we have around the globe who have seen their dreams become reality because of their education – we can’t wait to make you a part of our story.

Christian E. Hardigree, J.D.


School of Hospitality
Metropolitan State University of Denver

School of Hospitality Overview

Our Story

Uniquely situated in the heart of downtown Denver’s hospitality industry, MSU Denver’s School of Hospitality stands out as an institution focused on shaping the minds of future hospitality leaders. The School of Hospitality is the only program in the U.S. that has a LEED Gold® hotel, a commercial conference space, a state-of-the-art beverage testing laboratory, a commercial restaurant, and a working brewery all on campus, as well as being the largest hospitality program in the region.


Our Mission is…

to cultivate a community of learning that prepares students for leadership roles, addressing local and global opportunities in the Hospitality Industry.

Our Shared Values…

reflect a foundation of respect for the leadership skills necessary for our graduates to provide a quality hospitality experience for customers, balanced with respect for ourselves, our resources, and the effect of our decisions on the environment, our diverse teams, and the community to which we serve.


Our Vision is to Provide…

Relevant, Open-minded, Global, Unconventional, Education.  Go Rogue with us!

Go ROGUE with us!

With an education focused on value and transformation from classroom to career, MSU Denver offers a place like no other to earn such powerful and cost-effective bachelor’s degree. Our programs are specifically designed to give you innovative leadership skills, arm you with the latest technology, and effectively educate you, and we maintain our curriculum to adapt to constantly changing industry standards and to fit our students’ needs. Our experienced faculty have years actual experience and they continue be an active part of the hospitality industry. They are always willing to assist students in recognizing their skills and developing the professionalism they’ll need for their career. The facilities and resources we offer will give you unrivaled hands-on experience. At the School of Hospitality, you’ll receive an innovative education through experiential learning and real-world experience without burying you under a mountain of debt. When you graduate from our program, you can be confident you will be well prepared to start your career in the hospitality industry.


If you want to develop impressive leadership skills and learn from the best, we invite you to become part of the ROGUE family.