Tourism as a social phenomenon has never been more relevant than it is today. As tourist behaviors and tourism fads continue to change and evolve, the industry is now at a place where bizarre instances ranging from air-rage to service from robotic bartenders are increasingly ordinary experiences. Therefore, due to the dynamic nature of this field, the course-list provides a wide range of perspectives and theories, which will equip students with a solid topical foundation, along with the development of core skills in tourism. The Sociology of Tourism Certificate is comprised of the most recent and relevant research on industry leaders and innovations. Upon completion, students can use this certificate toward a potential career in this dynamic industry.


Required Courses (12 Credits):

SOC 1010 – Introduction to Sociology – Credits: 3
SOC 1600 – Tourism and Society – Credits: 3
TTM 3000 – Sustainable Tourism and Recreation – Credits: 3
TTM 3200 – Itinerary Design – Credits: 3


Select two of the courses below:

TTM 3800 – Cruise Tourism – Credits: 3
TTM 4100 – Adventure Travel – Credits: 3
TTM 4200 – Ecotourism – Credits: 3
SOC 1020 – Globalization: The Transformation of Social Worlds – Credits: 3
SOC 3730 – Media and Society – Credits: 3
SOC 3080 – Social Action through Art – Credits: 3

Total Credits: 18

Curriculum Checklist

Sociology of Tourism Certificate