Approaches to outdoor recreation and outdoor tourism have undergone considerable evolution over the years, and the use of outdoor space has become a more popular theme within the recreation and tourism industriesWe have seen the field of outdoor recreation emerge into a booming industry with 7.6 million direct jobs and $887 Billion in consumer spending, and adventure tourism has flourished as the fastest growing segment of tourism. Over the years these allied industries have transformed into big business. The Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism Certificate provides the skills you need to enter the thriving outdoor industry. 

Required Courses (18 Credits):

RTM 2000 – Commercial Recreation and Tourism 
RTM 3960 – Adventure Instruction  
RTM 4000 – Recreation and Tourism Policy and Planning  
TTM 3000 – Sustainable Tourism and Recreation  
TTM 4100 – Adventure Travel  
TTM 4200 – Ecotourism