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Outdoor Recreation Concentration

Man Hanging from Rope

The Outdoor Recreation Concentration within the Hospitality Leadership Degree will provide practical experience and scholarly instruction which prepares students to become skilled professionals and leaders in the outdoor domain. Our program will provide an integration of theory and hands-on courses covering such topics as outdoor skills and instruction, environmental justice, risk management, and social justice, to name a few.



The B.S. in Hospitality Leadership: Outdoor Recreation Concentration includes the following coursework:

  • Outdoor Recreation Classes (18 credit hours):

  • RECR 2210 Nature, Leadership, & Outdoor Recreation

  • RECR 3860 Self-Assessment for Outdoor Recreation Professionals

  • RECR 3960 Instruction and Facilitation of Outdoor Recreation

  • TTM 4100 Adventure Travel

  • RECR 4110 Program Development in Recreation Services

  • RECR 4960 The Ethics of Recreation

  • Outdoor Recreation Elective Classes (13 credit hours): In consultation with an academic advisor in hospitality

  • Outdoor Recreation Activity Classes (2 credit hours)

  • Students are required to hold a current Wilderness First Responder certificate at completion of program* (students may opt for an EMT or WEMT)

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